Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talk About Tuesday- Toddler Night Terrors and Infant Hip Clicking

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This week both my boys are presenting me with challenges. My toddler is no stranger to sleep issues (and I am sure that the same is true of most toddlers). I think he has developed some night terrors. I am lead to believe this after having clicked on a link to Paige's Talk about Tuesday from last week. I had heard of night terrors before and wondered if that was Ryan's problems or if he was just starting to have bad dreams. Either way, talk about something that makes you feel like just the most wonderful parent! <--- snark in case you missed it As for my infant son, at his two month needles the nurse remarked that his left hip is clicking and that we should have our family doctor look into it. Combine that comment with the fact that Adam ssems much more stiff than Ryan was and the fact that Brad is convinced that Adam's legs are bowed and twisted and I'm on the verge of freaking out!

So here is how it has been playing out at the Melanchuk residence of late. Ryan fights going to bed at night. He kicks and screams and throws quite a tantrum. He will go to bed easily but as soon as we have finished reading him a story (or 3) it begins. If we don't shut the door to his room he just keeps crying and comeing out to us. So some nights we shut his door and let him cry because he is obviously tired and we have tried all we know. Some nights we talk to him through his door, reading more stories. That means that some nights he falls asleep on the floor next to his door, some nights he crawls back up on his bed once he gets tired. Then usually around 1 or 2 am he wakes up screaming. It is that blood curdling scream that makes me jump out of bed and go running into his room. If he has fallen asleep on the floor next to his door, he will be banging on the door, if he crawled back up on his bed to go to sleep, I will walk in and find him sitting up on the bed. He is usally very warm, his face is wet with tears and his eyes are open. But he is unconsolable. Every offer (water, something to eat, a hug, ect) is met with a "noooooo" and he pushes us away. He usually willgrab his favorite blanket and puppy dog and let one of us guide him to our room or out to the couch. Within 5 minutes of doing that he will be sound asleep again and within 15 minutes he can be moved back to his own room. The waking up in the middle of the night is not every single night but it does happen in blocs. Usually 3 or 4 nights of waking up followed by 2 or 3 of sleeping through and then lather, rinse, repeat.

I am comforted to know that we are not the only family where this is happening, although it is frightening that it is happening at all. One of the triggers and solutions to night terrors are that since they are often triggered in children who are overtired, sticking to a good bedtime routine and making sure your child is getting enough rest can help to prevent them. I must admit that since our newest baby has been born, I worry that Ryan is not getting enough sleep as our daily and night time routines are all out of whack. He was staying up late while my parents were here helping out (often because we ate dinner very late and because the days are longer and lighter) and while we tried to get him back into his routine once they left, it has proven difficult. Then we had more family arrive and while they have small children as well, we all found it difficult to get most of the children to sleep with any sense of regularity or normalcy. So hopefully now that things have calmed down, maybe we can get back into our normal routines and the sleep issue will resolve itself.

Now, for Adam. Since day 1 Brad has been convinced that Adam's legs look weird. Our doctor has mostly brushed aside Brad's worries and has suggested we look at his legs a little further down the road. Which kind of makes sense to me, after being cooped up for 9 months, wouldn't you expect a baby to be a little curled and twisted. Especially a 22 inch baby inside a 4'9" lady?! I have to admit that sometimes Adam's legs seem a little strange to me as well, but mostly because of how stiff they are but it's not something I've been stressing over. However, when the nurse suggested at Adam's 2 month needles that I take him to see our family doctor to have a clicking in his hip looked at, I paniced a little. I've phoned a made an appointment but the soonest we can get in is into August and with each day I go back and forth with how I feel about this.

Sometimes I worry and panic that something is wrong with him and that waiting so long will make things worse. But then I remember that the nurses at Ryan's 2 month needles were concerned with his lack of growth and labeled him as "failing to thrive" (again- what a wonderful thing to say to a post-partum mother eh?!). We spent 4 months back and forth to the health centre seeing nurses weekly, weighing him weekly, doing everything and anything to make him gain weight before I was refered to a specialist 3 hours away. The specialist was a little concerned and was able to help us a little but then when we went back to see our family doctor he was not so concerned with Ryan's slow weight gain since he figures Ryan will be little like his mother. I was determined this time that if the nurses gave me greif about Adam's weight, I was not going to let it bother me. But Adam is a good gainer so it's not a problem this time around.

So I wonder, am I a terrible mother? Am I worrying needlessly? Or is this really a cause for concern? And if that is the case, should I wait until August to have Adam's hip looked at or should I try to find another doctor to see us? Do I dare take him into emergency? Or am I freaking myself out needlessly by spending too much time online googling what ifs and possibilities?

Thanks for letting me make my Talk about Tuesday a venting blog. Now, for some random cuteness and visuals since I didn't really have anything to "show" in my Talk about Tuesday topics. We spent Saturday outside enjoying the sun and the local beach. Especially the playground at the beach.

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Heather B said...

I would not rush him to the ER, I'm sure that if he has a click it may have been there for a little bit, rendering it not an emergency. You are by no means a terrible mother, nurses can make you go crazy sometimes! I know that sometimes a clicking hip can be cause for concern, but usually it turns out to be nothing. I would call your Dr's office and ask them to call you if they get a cancellation before your appointment. This has helped me out tons of times!

As for the night terrors, I haven't had to deal with that. It sounds like you don't co-sleep, do you think that would put his little mind at ease? Just a thought. Well, good luck and keep us all posted!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You have every right to be worried ... and you have every right to vent those worries. Motherhood is definitely a hard role, but trust your intuition.

I hope the night terrors end soon and I hope the clicking noise in the hip isn't something too serious.

Good luck with everything!