Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The weather wasn't the worst I've ever seen, and after trick or treating for about an hour, I was surprised with how warm I still was. But it was slippery and very slushy outside thanks to the snow, rain, freezing rain we had all day. The idea was for Ryan, Adam and I to go as the super sleuths from My Friends Tigger and Pooh. But the wetness put a stop to that because I had used washable marker to make the embelums for the costumes. So they just went as Tigger and Pooh. Adam didn't care and Ryan was pretty understanding once I showed him what a mess the green marker was making. When I saw the weather earlier in the day, I thought about only doing the mall halloween even here in town. In the newspaper they were advertising there would be events from noon-3pm. In the past they have had pumpkins on display for prizes, a costume parade and prizes, and of course trick or treating at the various stores. There was no mention in the paper (or even on the fliers advertising the event at the mall) as to when each thing was happening. We went for around noon and hung out for over an hour. There was a long line for a haunted house that Ryan had ZERO interest in. There were some coloring and craft tables set up through out the mall but nothing really geared towards toodlers-preschoolers (the coloring pages were quite complex). Some of the pumpkins started arriving so we looked at those. And there was a bake sale of some yummy halloween themed treats. We tried a couple since the boys were hungry. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay for the whole three hours with both boys since they would need a nap before the trick or treaters started arriving at our door/we went out trick or treating. Some of the stores started handing out candy to the few kids that like mine, were walking around store to store waiting for things to "happen" but then someone from the radio station (sponsoring the events) went around and told the stores to STOP and that it would begin at 2pm. I thought that was REALLY crappy. The boys were hungry and starting to get antsy so we headed to the food court, as I hoped some food and sitting would help pass the almost hour before the events would begin- so much for the nap! But almost everyone else had the same idea and suddenly our two food place food court was overwhelmed. We tried waiting in line but it wasn't working so we went home. I took the boys out of their costumes, gave them a quick lunch and then sent them off to nap. Ryan was so excited about the idea of trick or treating that I had no choice but to take him out later in the evening. I woke them up just before the treaters started arriving at our door and got them dressed. They helped me hand out treats and we ran to a couple of the nearby houses between treaters at our door. We waited until Brad came home and could take over the candy handing out duties to head out to the rest of the neighborhood. Ryan was so cute, he would run up to the door and knock and if they didn't answer right away he would say "it's me Ryan!". When they opened the door instead of saying "trick or treat" he would say "happy halloween". Most times he remembered to say "thank you" as well although sometimes he said a combination of "happy halloween" and "thank you" at the end. Adam tried to say "trick or treat" a bit and almost aways said "thank you" when prompted. Ryan was also not shy about entering peoples's a little scary! Adam though needed to be holding on to Momma. They came home with a recyclable grocery bag about 3/4's full of treats. They had a couple of treats last night and then I sorted through it and now over the next couple of days will make up little treat bags to give them from time to time for good behaviour, long car trips, ect. And of course, we have a ton of left overs of our own! (The smarties, m and m's, rockets and skittles are being kept for potty training!)