Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memories of Melanchuk Family Vacation'08

Now that the company has left, the pictures and videos have mostly been uploaded, I can now share some of my favorite memories from our too short but sweet Melanchuk Family Vacation of 2008.

Kathryn, Anita and Adam do some puzzles:

Kathryn and Ryan play with bubbles:

Kathryn the bubble princess:

Amelia at A&W:

Darryl, Kathryn, Brad and Ryan at the pool:

Adam watches Ryan sleeping:

Cutie Amelia with grandpa Lyle:

Family fun with bubbles:

Princess ladybug helps Ryan open gifts:

On a hayride:

Kathryn with Adam:

Kathryn with the rocking horse:

Kathryn loves her new "My Little Pony":

Bubble girl Amelia:

Laughing Ryan:

Twirling girl Kathryn:

Daddy Darryl and his girls:

Amelia interupts family pictures to sit on great-grandpa George's lap:

Ryan with the dog at the farm:

Amilia relaxing with grandpa Lyle:

Outdoor fun Kathryn and Ryan:

Smiling Ryan:

Kathryn and Darryl:

Anita and Brad:

Brad and Ryan:



Kathryn and Amanda read princess stories:

Vance and Darryl crack up:

Our family on the hay ride:

Amelia on the rocking horse:

Princess Kathryn:

Ryan and Brad at the farm:

Kathryn tests out Ryan's bike:

And a couple of videos of some precious memories: (click the picture and the video will open in a new window)

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Princess Momma said...

You have such a cute family!

Thank you for stopping by my post on Moms In A Blog about Displaying Children's Art. I love that you shared a great idea that works for 3-d art and not just the 2-d variety.