Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4 generations of Melanchuks

One thing I have really come to appreciate now that I have my own kids, is that we live close to at least some family. This weekend we took advantage of having family here from all over and we were lucky enough to get some photos of 4 generations of our family all together.

First of all, here are the cousins and their 4 generations.
Cousin Vance, his wife Sara and their boys Logan and Nolan:

Vance, his boys, his dad Larry and Larry's dad George:

Grandpa and Great-grandpa with the boys:

Brad, Ryan, Brad's dad Lyle, Lyle's dad George, Adam and Me:

Brad, Ryan, Darryl, Amelia, Kathryn, Brad and Darryl's dad Lyle, Lyle's dad George and Adam:

Darryl, Amelia, Kathryn, Grandpa Lyle and Great-Grandpa George:

Darryl, Amanda, Kathryn, Amelia and Great-Grandpa George:

Brad, Ryan, Kathryn, Grandpa Lyle, Great-Grandpa George, Adam, Amelia and Darryl:

Darryl, Kathryn, Amanda, Amelia, Grandpa Lyle and Great-Grandpa George:

These are some fun photos of everyone.
Darryl and Vance:

Darryl and Amelia:

Amelia with Great-Grandpa George:

Nolan, Darryl and Amelia:

Kathryn and Adam- the oldest and youngest of Lyle's grandkids (although not for long as Kathryn is going to become a big sister again in January):

Me and Sara holding baby Adam:

Grandpa Lyle with Amelia:

Great-Grandpa George with Adam:

Great-Grandpa George with Amelia:

Grandpa Lyle with Amelia as Grandma Anita looks on:

*Amelia is really such a socialble little girl. She took very easily to all the new relatives she met, especially the men. I think, Darryl and Amanda are going to have their hands full with that one as she gets older.

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