Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam

*warning this video is almost 20 mins, long

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talk About Four Seasons in a Day

Yesterday was a wicked weather day here. When I first woke up it was sunny but chilly. I had high hopes the sun would warm things up and perhaps I would take the boys out to play at some point in the day. By lunch time it had clouded over, becoming very gloomy and somewhat blustery. I watched the wind whip the flag around on our neighbors house across the street. Then it started to rain. At first it was just kind of misty and spitting but then the rian drops got a little bigger. The rain changed to hail, first pin head sized but ending up about marble sized. Then finally that changed to snow. Big, white flakes that at first melted into the ground, but soon they stopped melting and everything was covered with a thin, wet, white veil. By dinner time, it had stopped snowing and the sun was back out. Before the sun had set for the day, all the snow was gone and if you hadn't looked outside all day, you never would have known.

Some pictures of the snow falling:

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ball Popper

Brad bought Adam a playschool ball popper for Christmas, but Ryan loves it so much that Adam hardly gets a chance to play with it alone at all. A couple of weeks ago, while Ryan was napping, I got out the ball popper and let Adam enjoy some fun with it all on his own.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Splish, Splash, Spring!

Here are some photos of a recent spring evening walk. Ryan started out pulling Adam in the wagon, but then he became much more interested in the puddles and jumping in them. It tuckered him out and he even crawled into the wagon with Adam for the ride home.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Driveway fun and a haircut

*seriously click this picture to get the full effect. Ryan is coloring in his shoes.

At the begining of the month, I took Ryan for a much needed haircut.
Here are the before and afters...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter 2009 Memories

We had a blessed and wonderful Easter. It was quiet but nice. My husband was able to be off Easter Sunday then Monday and Tuesday which our boys loved. He worked early on Friday (a rare event for us!) and so the boys were tickled to have Daddy home for dinner and before bedtime. My husbands mom and dad both joined us for Easter Sunday dinner.

Daddy helps Ryan eat some Easter chocolate.

Ryan was VERY happy with the helmet from grandpa Jim and gran-gran.

Ryan shows Daddy and Adam how to play with the "fridge garage" Adam got from grandpa Jim and gran-gran.

Opening little people sets from mommy and daddy.

Opening little people sets from mommy and daddy.

Adam likes pulling out the paper. It makes a fun noise.

Our own little easter bunny!

Ryan enjoying his new helmet while Adam enjoys the wagon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great deals

Last Saturday I scored a couple of great deals on Fisher-Price Little People Sets at Zellers and I was so excited, that I just had to share. It's taken me this long to get around to taking/finding all the photos I wanted to use in this post.
First off, I don't normally get the "great" or "one day only" sales because it always seems by the time I see the flyer, the sale is over or they are all sold out. But something in the stars must have alligned.

I get many of my flyers electronically. I have visited the stores websites and signed up for this and they come straight to my email box. I've done this for two reasons; 1) we only seem to get our local newspaper once every 6 weeks and I keep forgetting to stop by the newspaper office and pick up a copy since mine obviously isn't being delivered,and 2) my father in law takes all the flyers that come in our mail box on Friday and I never get to see them (with the rare exception of when I beat him to the mailbox -which almost never happens!). Anyhow, e-flyers, sounds great right?! Except they come at midnight on the day they are to begin, not really giving much advanced notice.

In this case, the flyer fron Zellers arrived in my inbox just before I shut down my computer for the night. It's not often that I am awake and still on the computer at midnight but I was on this particular night. So when I saw that they were offering two of the different 50th birthday Little People Play sets at 50% off each (farm and school), I knew I wanted to get them for my boys to add to their collection. A quick look at the rest of the flyer and I saw they also had the Noah's Ark Playset on for 50% off as well.

The original farm looked like this:

The 50th birthday farm set looks like this:

I think the boys will enjoy playing with it with the touch and feel farm they already have:

The original school set looked like this:

The 50th birthday school set looks like this:

The Learn About Town that Ryan got for Christmas also has a school. But what I really likes about the Town is that it reminds me of the Sesame Street Playset my cousin Suzanne had when we were little. I LOVED going to her house and playing with since I didn't have it myself. The Learn about Town set:

The Sesame Street Playset from the 70's/80's:

I also really like that the two 50th birthday sets come in a container with a handle similar to an old fashioned lunch box and all the pieces fit inside. I think it would make these sets excellent travel toys. Something to take on long car trips (with an old cookie sheet to lay across your lap and play on), or to take while running errands that involve waits and waiting rooms (the dentist, the doctor, ect).

As for the Noah's Ark Playset, I first saw this at Darryl and Amanada's on our trip to Seattle just before Ryan's first birthday. Kathryn had the ark and many pairs of animals. I fell in love with it. I've been looking for one for Ryan ever since but I've found it to be too pricey and it never seems to come with many animals. I am very pleased with this purchase though. While my ark does not have as many actual animals as Kathryn's had (although I suspect she had extra animal sets purchased to go with), there are quite a few animal sets, some extra animals painted on our animals and our animals are the touchy feely kind. Our ark does not open up the same way as I remember Kathryns did, and it isn't on wheels either. But I am still pleased with the playset and think the boys will have much fun with it.
Our Noah's Ark Play Set:

I plan on giving each boy one of the 50th birthday sets for Easter next week and saving the ark as a birthday gift for Adam next month. ( spent $40 plus tax and saved $40. The time that I think the boys will spend playing with these sets make them a very worthwhile purchase in my mind.

Boo hoo. No one seems to have commented on my Pay it Forward blog. I guess no one wants a handmade/homemade gift/treat from me. I'm still looking for comments on that blog. HINT HINT! LOL!