Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adam's first trip to the Pool

On Monday, we (Darryl, Brad and I) took the kids (Kathryn, Ryan and Adam) to the pool for a little fun in the water. It was Adam's first trip to the pool. He did really well. He was in the kiddie pool with us for about 20 minutes, then I took him out, dried him off, nursed him in a deck chair and put him wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket, into his car seat and he slept for the rest of the time that we played in the pool. Ryan finally took the plunge and went down the water slide and loved it! Even if it does splash a bunch of water in his face at the end. Kathryn finally warmed up to the water and Darryl could barely get her out of the pool.

Ryan is such a water baby:

In the deep end:

Daddy helps Ryan in the deeper end:

Darryl helps Kathryn with a flutter board in the deeper end of the kiddie pool:

Kathryn is unsure about how deep the water is getting:

Ryan and a boat:

Kathryn walks slowly into the pool:

Ryan pushes a boat around the pool:

Littlest Man and Daddy play in the pool:

Littlest Man floats wth Daddy's help:

Daddy and Adam in the pool:

Ryan splashes Daddy and Adam in the pool:

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