Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

It is much cooler here today compared to the last few days. There is even a cool breeze and some clouds keeping the sun from baking everything in sight.

I made cute little Canada Day shirts for the boys. At first I couldn't find any fabric paint so I just used a red marker. But then last night, at Wal-Mart I finally found some red fabric paint. SO I took the red fabric paint and retraced all the work I had done with the marker. I had Adam's finished and was working on Ryan's when he climbed up beside me and put his fingers through it and wrecked his maple leaf. I tried to make it bigger to hide what Ryan had done. It didn't look as nice any more but it was ok. But then I accidently folded over the collar a little and touched the wet fabric paint. Oh well, c'est la vie!

I think they still look cute and put them on the boys this morning. They seemed dry. Unfortunately, they were not as dry and as set, and now the red has run. I wish I had taken pictures of the shirts before I used the fabric paint. Or as soon as I had put them on the boys this morning. Now this is all I have.

On an unrelated side note...

A quick shopping trip this morning to take advantage of 10% Tuesday and I left with two new dings on Brad's car. I had just pulled into a parking lot when someone pulled into the space beside the space in front of me. There was a shopping cart in the middle of that space but since the vehicule pulling in was a truck, the driver decided to pull in until his bumper hit the cart and slowly pulled in the rest of the way, pushing the shopping cart out of his way...and right into the side of Brad's car! I won't get into the rest of the story...but not a great way to start a day or a shopping trip.

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