Wednesday, June 15, 2011

old beds, new beds, sunk beds, bunk beds

Brad and I were just discussing last night how when we moved into the house in the fall of '05 we thought the 2nd bedroom upstairs was so big. In fact it was as big as our master bedroom in the trailer we had just moved out of. I don't think we imagined that almost 6 years later and we want that same bedroom to function as a sleeping and play space for 3 boys under the age of 6.

When we first moved in, we put a double bed in the room. Later that spring we added a crib for Ryan (that he slept in only a handful of times) to the room and kept the double bed in there as well. As Ryan got older and began to move around and accumulated more toys, we swaped out the double bed for a single bed. Then along came Adam. But that was ok because we had a crib and a single bed in the room.
Like his older brother, Adam slept in the crib only a handful of times. Before too long we decided to get rid of the crib and get a toddler bed for Adam to sleep in. There is not much difference in size between a toddler bed and a crib (they use the same mattress) so they still fit the the room well. Then surprise! Tony blessed us with his arrival.

We began to think about how we would possibly fit three boys in that one room. Thankfully my husband works in a furniture store and my boys found a bed they absolutely adored. A plus in our eyes was the built in storage in the bed and the fact that it also comes in a "trundle bed" version, so we could sleep all three boys eventually in the one "bed" space. But for right now we are using a trundle storage not a trundle bed and Anthony (when ready) will sleep in the toddler bed. We also are toying with the idea of moving Tony's current bed (a pack n' play) into the room with the older boys soon. And it is even smaller than the toddler bed, so it will fit.

Ryan and Adam love the new bunk bed. It helps that gran gran bought them new "Cars" sheets and blankets for the bed. In fact, Ryan and Adam are even sleeping without their favorite blankets from when they were babies which has not often happened before. Surprisingly, Ryan was at first afraid to sleep up top (perhaps from a trip to the city where the hotel had bunkbeds which were VERY high and had a traditional ladder that had steep steps) and so Adam took the top bunk. But Ryan has already laid his fear to rest and we have decided that we will swap who sleeps where, once a week.