Wednesday, June 15, 2011

old beds, new beds, sunk beds, bunk beds

Brad and I were just discussing last night how when we moved into the house in the fall of '05 we thought the 2nd bedroom upstairs was so big. In fact it was as big as our master bedroom in the trailer we had just moved out of. I don't think we imagined that almost 6 years later and we want that same bedroom to function as a sleeping and play space for 3 boys under the age of 6.

When we first moved in, we put a double bed in the room. Later that spring we added a crib for Ryan (that he slept in only a handful of times) to the room and kept the double bed in there as well. As Ryan got older and began to move around and accumulated more toys, we swaped out the double bed for a single bed. Then along came Adam. But that was ok because we had a crib and a single bed in the room.
Like his older brother, Adam slept in the crib only a handful of times. Before too long we decided to get rid of the crib and get a toddler bed for Adam to sleep in. There is not much difference in size between a toddler bed and a crib (they use the same mattress) so they still fit the the room well. Then surprise! Tony blessed us with his arrival.

We began to think about how we would possibly fit three boys in that one room. Thankfully my husband works in a furniture store and my boys found a bed they absolutely adored. A plus in our eyes was the built in storage in the bed and the fact that it also comes in a "trundle bed" version, so we could sleep all three boys eventually in the one "bed" space. But for right now we are using a trundle storage not a trundle bed and Anthony (when ready) will sleep in the toddler bed. We also are toying with the idea of moving Tony's current bed (a pack n' play) into the room with the older boys soon. And it is even smaller than the toddler bed, so it will fit.

Ryan and Adam love the new bunk bed. It helps that gran gran bought them new "Cars" sheets and blankets for the bed. In fact, Ryan and Adam are even sleeping without their favorite blankets from when they were babies which has not often happened before. Surprisingly, Ryan was at first afraid to sleep up top (perhaps from a trip to the city where the hotel had bunkbeds which were VERY high and had a traditional ladder that had steep steps) and so Adam took the top bunk. But Ryan has already laid his fear to rest and we have decided that we will swap who sleeps where, once a week.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's been a while

gratuitous shot of one kid at least
Littlest man age 1 with Morris the Moose

It's been a long while since I've blogged here.  Having three young children in the house does not allow a lot of free time but I'm starting to develop some sort of a pattern again.  I've started a blog dedicated to the things I am doing with the kids that are educational/fun/learning related.  But in some of my time to websurf and read blogs, I've been following the journey of a young mother in a similar (not identical) situation as me and she is very inspiring to me how she goes about her day and her admitted struggles with things.  I thought I'd like to join her and hopefully encourage each other especially when we need it the most.  You can find her at Chasing Babies...Growing in Grace.  While I enjoy most everything she blogs about- I am  currently very inspired and feel a calling towards her Suzy Homemaker series.  

Hopefully, through out the spring and into the summer I will also share some of our adventures in CSA gardening for a 2nd summer.  And hopefully some success as I try to shed the baby weight that never really went away/ snuck back on after littlest man was born.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adam at 2 years old

Here are a few pictures of Adam from the last year. The 2nd year of a child's life sees so many changes; developmentally, emotionally and socially. Adam has grown so much this year.
Adam playing peek-a-boo in a tunnel at an indoor play park during our Melanchuk family vacation in June 2009.
Adam feels the Canadian love on Canada Day 2009.
Adam moved from a rear facing car seat to a forward facing car seat in the fall.
Adam as Tigger for Halloween 2009.
Adam playing in the Christmas tree lights, November 2009.
Adam sporting a Christmas gift from Gran-Gran; Labrador flag hat and sweater
Adam eating a cupcake at Uriah's arena birthday - January 2010
Adam enjoys some trains at the Family Day festivities -February 2010
Adam takes Ryan for a spin on the merry-go-round at Wysuk Park- April 2010
Adam becomes a big brother- March 2010

At 2, Adam can now run, jump, and talk almost as well as his older brother. He is now an older brother himself, and it is very easy to forget that he is only 2 and a toddler, not 4 and a pre-schooler like Ryan. Adam is almost as tall as Ryan and weighs almost the same also. Adam had his first haircut in the fall, but we didn't cut his hair very much, just trimmed a couple of stray hairsat the back and around his face and ears.
In addition to moving to a forward facing car seat, Adam now sleeps in a big boy bed in the room he shares with Ryan. He is begining to show signs of possibly wanting to potty train and I am hoping to tackle that this summer. Adam has most of his teeth now and brushes them everynight with a Thomas the train toothbrush just like Ryan.
Here are some pictures from Adam's 2nd birthday festivities. My mom was able to be here with us- which was very nice.
One of our guests- Alexis
Another guest- Janie
And another guest- this time Maddison
A whole brood of guests- (clockwise from top)- Ethan, Xander, Ryan, Ann, Janie in her mom's arms, David and Abi.
Adam opening his present from the Hayter kids.
Adam enjoys his birthday cupcake at his party
Adam's family party cake.
Adam and Ryan play with some of the toys Adam recieved for his birthday
Ryan and Daddy pose with the birthday boy
Ryan and Gran-Gran pose with the birthday boy at Clarks for a birthday dinner
Adam and Ryan enjoy the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe we bought (2nd hand) for Adam for his birthday while we wait for his bike to arrive.
It was a great celebration for a wonderful little boy full of energy and love.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!
How did you celebrate?Our day started out a little later than planned so we missed the parade. So we headed down to the beach to take in some festivities. It was quite a work out parking a couple of blocks away and then pulling Adam and Ryan in the wagon with the rest of our stuff and carrying Anthony in the Ergo. We spent most of out time playing at the park on the beach. These boys love play structures. They love to climb and slide and of course, run. They had some inflatable, bouncy toys set up on the beach for kids to line up at and take a turn.A couple of times I thought I had lost Adam, but he was just over at the inflatables, butting in line and taking turn after turn. Adam also found someone with a ferret on a leash and came over to tell me he had found a mouse! <- having never heard the word ferret before, Adam did not believe me that it wasn't a mouse.After having asnack on the beach, we packed up to come home for a nap. Before leaving the beach vendors though, we bought a big bag of kettle corn to take to the lake later that night.While the boys napped, I was busy making a dessert and loading the van up to go visit grandpa out at the lake where he was camping. The boys love playing in the dark sand out there (although it makes quite the mess!!) and this time they had a picnic blanket supper instead of eating at their little table and chairs we usually bring out for them but didn't bring this time.Thanks to Sandi's CSA garden, I made a strawberryand honeyberry crisp for dessert. For supper we had smokies, potatoe salad (again with some fresh ingredients from the CSAgarden) and chips with dip. After supper Brad helped his Dad launch his canoe out into the lake and grandpa took a little spin around and tested everything out.We had quite a nice campfire going but we were pretty full from dinner and barely touched the marshmellows or the popcorn. The campfire was not only how we cooked dinner, as it got later and later, it was a source of heat, light and entertainment.Brad used a plastic serving tray to fan the flames and make the fire "explode".Brad also used his dad's "fire poking stick" to stir up the embersand give us our own little fireworks show. Some of grandpa's camp neighbors had brought along their own fireworks and were just waiting for it to get dark before they set them off. Here Adam and Ryan sit on grandpa's knees waiting for the fireworks to start. We had great seats pretty close to the launch site.One of the last fireworks! I wanted to try to get pictures or even video but Adam was a little afraid of the fireworks once they started going off. They were his first fireworks show though. Ryan has seen fireworks though and so he enjoyed them again, but he did find them "very loud".
You may have noticed Ryan's new hair style. On Tuesday, Brad went to get his hair cut and he took Ryan along for some one on one time. We decided it was time to cut his hair a little shorter and lighter for summer. After their hair cuts the boys went to the marina and looked at the boats (and saw a fox hanging out on the rocks) and then shared an ice cream at Clarks.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome Anthony

Since our previous 2 boys were born via c-sections after unsuccessful labours, we went the planned c-section route with Anthony. So early (5am) on the 18th of March, Brad and I woke up and headed to the hospital. I was officially 38wks and 6 days. It had snowed/sleeted the day before and through the night so the roads were wet and a little slick. They had told us to be at the hospital, registered and upstairs on the 3rd floor for 6 am so we could be in the operating room first thing- but it didn't quite go that way.
Even with a planned c-section, apparently they need to hook you up to the monitors and check on mommy and baby before surgery. They needed to take blood again (two days before hand they took 3 or 4 viles of it), and start an iv. I've always been afraid of needles. I remember when they put in my iv with Ryan I thought to myself "Yay! My last needle for a long time." Little did I know they would draw blood again a couple of days later- or that I would get a spinal a couple of hours later when we went into the operating room for c-section #1. I don't think anyone tells you about all the needles during pregnancy and birth. There are a least I've always had a lot. But that is besides the point. My point is starting an iv. I've gotten used to needles. I even had myself more or less pumped for the spinal again (more about that in a bit!). What I was not prepared for, was the botched attempts at starting an iv at 6 in the morning. This was not the first time I have been on the unsuccessful side of starting an iv. Long story short...freshman year of University, week one, parents in Florida, middle of the night trip to the ER at the U of A hospital and three attempts at starting an hands and arms were black and blue for weeks. This time, two third floor nurses, two attempts each and still no iv. They brought up a nurse from the ER and she finally was able to get my iv in...weird spot too I thought, in my hand, by my thumb. It was frustrating and alarming for me that the iv was not going well because I was afraid that meant the spinal wouldn't go well either. Maybe my own nerves were playing a part in it, but I was trying to be as calm, cool and collected about it. But after failed attempt #2, I started to loose it. And if you've never had a failed iv attempt or a blown vein, let me just say, I don't recommend it. My dr. came in then, and asked why we weren't already in the OR. We just left it at, "we're having a couple of issues this morning". They tell me I was even having contractions; I don't know if that was to make me feel better, or if it was true but I do know I wasn't feeling them. Although that wouldn't be a first for me either! Once we were in the OR, it was time for the spinal. I had a different anaesthesiologist this time and after our pre- op meeting I was a little worried. It's not that I doubted her abilities, it was just she was someone new doing this to me, and since this was a scheduled c-section for the first time, we had the pre-op meeting and she went over all the "what if's" and worst case scenario- these were things I never had been told previously. For instance, I was informed that she would only try twice to get the spinal in, and if she wasn't able they would put me under general and because of the small size of my mouth, that might mean the loss of a tooth or two as they tried to put in the breathing tube. For me this was a scarier than heck thought! I couldn't stop thinking about it for the days between our pre-op meeting and my c-section. When the nurses started having difficulties putting in my iv, I grew less and less confident that things would go well in the OR. I am extremely happy to report however, that things went amazingly in the OR and the anaesthesiologist was an excellent member of my surgical team. I had a brief wave of nausea before they began but she was able to give me something for it. I felt a little more this time than the other times but it wasn't painful. With Ryan I couldn't remember feeling anything; with Adam I felt the cutting open but it didn't hurt (it felt more like someone drawing on me); this time I could feel the cutting again (again not painful) and I also felt the pulling and tugging as they took the baby out. Just after 8 in the morning, baby Anthony Murphy was pulled out. (You may notice that some of the pictures are time stamped for 7:41am but that is because I had the settings on my camera wrong.) Like always Brad went with the baby while I was stitched up, cleaned up and moved to recovery. I was very tired in recovery and tired to rest a bit but I watched the clock very carefully and hoped that the nurses would allow Brad to bring Anthony in to see me (with Ryan, Brad was able to bring him into recovery with me but not with Adam). I was moved from recovery to my room and thankfully one of the daytime nurses remembered me and got an electronic bed for me (much easier for me to get in and out of) but it wasn't quite as nice as the electronic bed I had with Adam (but much nicer than the crank style bed I had with Ryan). Brad was still in the nursery with Anthony and so I sent one of the nurses to go find them for me. I began to get very nauseous back in my room and in fact did get sick a couple of times. Brad stayed for a little bit but then he went home to let everyone know Anthony was here and to let us get some rest. He also needed some rest since it had been a very early morning. Later that day, Brad came back and brought the boys and my mom to come visit us. They were officially our first visitors. Adam was very happy to see me. Ryan and Adam were very happy to meet Anthony and fell in love with him instantly. We had a nice visit but I was very tired and I was ok with them leaving once the nurses brought me my supper. I was surprised that they brought me a sandwich for supper since I didn't think I was allowed "real" food yet and was still feeling a little nauseous. I did eat the rest of my supper though as it was liquidy (soup, jello and milk). The nurses agrred to take my sandwich and put it in the fridge in case I wanted it later. Anthony and I had a more or less quiet night alone getting to know each other. There were a couple of "code reds" that I remembered hearing later in the evening and that put me a little on edge. I did ask for my sandwich a little later that evening. The next day, the nurses came and removed my catheter and they put a lock on my iv and unhooked me allowing me to get up and move about a bit. I put on my own pyjamas (so nice, thanks mom for the cozy pants), and watched a movie. After lunch, I read a little of one of my books (more Christmas gifts) and had a nap. Then Brad's mom arrived to visit her newest grandson. We had a nice visit with her alone at first before Brad, my mom and the boys arrived again. Brad was surprised to see me up and moving around and that I had even gotten dressed. Again, everyone left as the nurses brought me supper but thankfully my mom bought me a couple of snacks from the snack vendor lady before they left. Brad came back later that evening and we watched a movie before they made him leave. I was so hungry later that night, I was glad for the snacks mom had bought for me. I watched another movie or two that night and read a little in my book.I don't know if it was all the movement that day, but I just couldn't get comfortable in bed that night. I hated bothing the nurses to help me all the time and sometimes I would push the call button and it would take a long time for someone to either come help me or bring what I asked for- if they came at all. I was very greatful that at one point after I had nursed Anthony, they took him for a bath and his stats and kept him with them for a bit at the nurses station allowing me a little sleep. I was a little apprehensive about having him away from me, but the sleep was welcomed.The rest of the night did not go as well. I still had difficulty getting into a nice sleeping position while Anthony was with me, I couldn't put him in the bassinet on my own and the nurses wouldn't come and help me with it because they didn't realize that I couldn't reach it properly on my own. Before breakfast came the next morning, I had already called Brad and begged him to come and help me sooner rather than later. I also warned him that if Dr H came by I was going to ask to be released. As nice as the quietness of the hospital was, I felt very alone at the hospital and was anxious to get home where I could get help when I needed it. And there is something to be said about sleeping in your own bed, even if it isn't an electric bed. When my doctor came by to check on Anthony and I that morning, he was ok with releasing me since I had help at home. He gave me a prescription for some pain relievers and my discharge papers, including when to come and get my staples removed. Brad and I still had some paperwork to fill out, including officially naming Anthony, and I still needed to shower before we went home. A shower is not an easy thing to do after surgery like this. Especially when you are trying to remove all the sticky tape residue. We dressed Anthony in his coming home outfit and then we left. As an aside note- while dressing Anthony, his little ankle bracelet slipped off his foot. The same ankle bracelet they are supposed to compare to my bracelet before allowing us to leave. Thankfully I was able to slip it back on him. We stopped to fill my prescription on the way home and grabbed lunch from the Tim Hortons drive thru. The boys stayed up (it was nap time) until we came home (and I had brought them home a treat from Tim Hortons) to welcome Anthony and I home. After a light lunch, everyone had a little nap. Home sweet home- to begin our journey as a party of five!