Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

For more information about Meal Plan Mondays or to see what others are eating this week, head over to I'm an Orgainzing Junkie.

Ok, so it's Tuesday again! Better late than never eh?! Especially when I have missed the last couple. The weather is so warm here that all I want to do is bbq. But since I don't do the bbqing that is not such a great plan (especially for those nights that Brad works late). Here is what I have planned for the week.

Monday- take out
Tuesday- BBQ night Hot Dogs, potato chips and fruit
Wednesday- chicken wings, rice and green beans
Thursday- Stuffed Pasta shells
Friday- Leftover love
Saturday- BBQ steaks with baked potatoes and steamed brocolli
Sunday- BBQ chicken with salad

BTW, I hae just stumbled upon the GREATEST blog! A Year of Crockpotting is devoted to a new crockpot recipe for every day of the year. I don't tend to use my crockpot so much in the summer but I've been there and I have a couple of recipes already bookmarked to save for some cooler summer weather or for the fall/winter.

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