Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talk About Tuesday- Snacking

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This week I am going to talk about snacking. My newest snack food addiction. Nachos! I am seriously in love with the new (ok newish)Tostito brand Multi Grain Tortilla Chips. I've seen the commercial with the three moms, their newborns in car seats, while they munch away on the multigrain chips and commenting how great playdates are and that they should have them more often. I've always liked tortilla chips and salsa but I just love these new multigrain ones. I place some on a plate, put some chopped up green onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes on top, cover with shreaded cheese and put in the microwave for half a minute or so. Then dip with mild salsa. Or if I am in a hurry/have no veggies in the crisper, just the chips, cheese and salsa or even just chips and salsa in containers to take to the park/beach/wherever. Brad and I have even been known to add cooked cubed chicken breast to the chips, veggies and cheese, call it supper and eat in front of the TV. Especially if there is a special episode of a show we have been looking forward to (like a season premiere or finale), a movie or hockey playoffs!

Ryan has even started to like nachos! He loves things to dip and as long as he gets a chip with no veggies, he will dip and eat happily. We used to just buy the big box of no name/generic brand chips and it's matching mild salsa on 10% Tuesday. But the generic brand does not have multigrain chips and really the salsa is not as tasty. But I am getting fed up with the price! $3.00 or more for the salsa and $2.50 or more for the chips (and a smaller bag than the other "flavours"). So I wonder, does anyone have a recipe on how to make these? Could you just take some multigrain tortilla's or pitas, cut into wedges, spray with veg oil, season and bake 'till crispy? What about salsa? We like mild, so nothing with too much hot stuff. But a recipe would be good. Please leave me a comment and recipes f you have any to try. Because seriously, I have gone through 4 bag of chips and 2 jars of salsa already this month.

Update to last week's TAT: Still waiting to see a doctor on the hip clicking. Sleeping is hit and miss. We are trying to re-establish a bed time routine but are not being super strict about the time. We start the process at the same time everynight but if he is not ready to sleep by a certain time, we continue with quiet play and books until he is. Two nights in a row now, Ryan has stayed up playing quietly with books and a teddy bear in my bed while I watch some TV quietly and nurse Adam. Between 10:30-11 both nights he has fallen asleep beside me on my bed while I was nursing. Then once he is fast asleep, we've been able to move him to his bed and he has slept until almost 9 in the morning. So YAY! And since he is still napping 1-3 hours a day he is still getting 12 or more hours of sleep a day at 2 years old.


Princess Momma said...

I would think that multi-grain tortillas would work, but I've never tried baking, so I wouldn't know how they would turn out. We've always put about an inch of vegetable oil into the bottom of a pan and fried them when we wanted to make our own chips or taco shells.

Salsa is super easy too. A few tomatoes, an onion, and some peppers. If you don't like spicy, try bell peppers instead. Chop everything up and stir it together or just throw it in a food processor and call it good. Add a little bit of cilantro for flavor and you're set. My husband likes to add garlic too and we'll occasionally add a can of the green chiles.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

We got fed up with the cost of chips too...then we found tortilla chips in a huge bag at Costco!! They're pretty tasty too. I have no input on salsa though since I'm not a salsa fan.

~ Sarah