Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What were we thinking?

So yesterday we decided to move our entertainment centre a couple of inches. Why? Well to fit Brad's computer tower in so that it wasn't out in the middle of the floor and I wasn't always moving it back against the entertainment centre so the boys would have more room to play. Brad's computer tower should be downstairs in the "office" with his two nice monitors. But since we are still on a waiting list to have our under slab heating hooked up downstairs and the "office" has morphed into the "catch all/junk" room (a post and a household task for another day or week!) the computer tower has moved up to the living room and he uses the big TV as his monitor. (I will admit it is nice!)
Anyhow, back to the move. This was not an easy task and it took most of the day. We had to take just about everything out of the four different sections and then move them. Since I had everything out, I also dusted and cleaned the glass. We set up the cords for the 3 lights as well. I don't think we've had those set up since we moved into the house. Brad also rewired his speakers since the new heavy duty speaker wire he won late last year had arrived. He also changed the bulb in the TV that has been giving us daily messages that we need to replace it since early October. We don't know why it hasn't stopped working before this point. I probably should have packed away my Christmas decorations that were being housed in the entertainment centre instead of putting them back, but I am not quite ready to say goodbye to the Christmas feeling yet and besides, one household project a day is more than sufficient I say!
**This was to be posted Thursday, January 10/08

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