Thursday, January 3, 2008

Talk About...Toddler Sleep Issues

We finally transitioned Ryan to his room and his big boy crib in early September. By Canadian Thanksgiving (early October) he was sleeping 2 1-2 hour naps and 10-12 hours a night in his room. Occasionally he would wake up middle of the night but it was usually health related (a stuffy nose making it hard to breathe, cutting a new tooth, a blow out in the diaper,ect). Since Christmas his sleep patterns have gone all to crap.

I know our routine has been a little disrupted over the holidays and he is a little over stimulated during the day what with the decorations, the special treats and sweets, the Christmas lights in the house, the new toys and the friends and family that drop by to visit. But we've been trying to keep things as close to routine as possible.

Unfortunately Ryan is ending up in our bed at some point every night. It is taking him forever to get to sleep at night and he is not wanting to nap at all. I rather he nap because I am a firm believer in the good naps lead to good night time sleep and so we try to force him to nap at least once a day. The past couple of days we have gotten two naps out of him but it has taken 2 or 3 attempts each. At night we've been starting at 8 and sometimes it takes as long as to 12 before he is out for more than an hour. Then between 2 and 4 he is up and comes into bed with us because I just can't get him soothed and back down without a huge struggle. Unfortunately once he comes back to bed with us, as soon as I get up again (even to just go to the bathroom) he is up for the day. So he is getting up even earlier than usual.

The weird thing is that when he goes down at night and we finally get him to sleep, he will sleep for anywhere for 25-60 minutes but then wakes up screaming. He'll be up for 30-45 minutes and is starving. The other night he had two yogurt tubes (in addition to the one he usually has before bed), two cups of water, a cereal bar and some goldfish crackers. I can't remember if he ate particularly well that night but I know for sure he had had a a tube before bed as usual. (He rarely turns down yogurt or fruity apple sauce blends). Two nights ago when he woke up, he had a tube, a cereal bar, goldfish crackers and water. He had had a piece of french toast, some fried apples (maybe 4-6 slices), apple sauce, and milk for supper at around 6:30, then a yogurt tube at 8:80 before bed. It was about 10 or 10:30 when he woke up and had his "snack".

I don't know- growth spurt maybe? Too stimulated with new toys during the day to eat as much as he should and so still hungry at night when he goes to bed? And then a tummy ache earlier in the morning from eating so much and going to bed? His top eye teeth are on the verge but this is different than his usual teething upset sleeping (not to mention going on for longer). Maybe it is a combination of all this. All I know is I long for a good nights sleep again…without Ryan in my bed.

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