Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SMART- Update

Despite the menu being planned and the ingredients being bought, suppers did not go as well this week. Perhaps it had something to do with Brad being off all week and that it kind of threw off my own personal schedule. Perhaps it was due to the household projects we tackled each day and how much time they took. We often found ourselves drained and exhausted at the end of the day and the last thing we felt like doing was making supper and then having to clean that up as well. The good news (to me!) is that we didn't eat out every single night. We did have take out one night, but we also ate frozen leftovers, mac and cheese out of the box and frozen pizza. Not the most healthy of meals but better than take out in my books.

I didn't start the second part of my SMART habit for January yet; keeping my kitchen clean by cleaning it each night before bed. Hopefully next week with Brad at work and my personal schedule back on track, I will be able to tackle that. I also have made a list of chores and a schedule of when they need to be done.

Chore List
Legend: BR- Brad B-Bobbi

BR- load/unload dishwasher
BR- wash dishes
B- tidy living room, dining room, kitchen,
hall and Ryan’s room
B- vacuum living room, dining room, kitchen,
hall and Ryan’s room
B- take bag of diapers to garage

B-dark laundry

B-mop kitchen/dining room

B-light laundry
BR-vacuum behind/under couch

B-clean bathrooms
B-vacuum master bedroom
B-get garbage/recycling together
BR-clean kitty litter
BR-take out garbage before bed

B-linens (towels, bedding, blankets,ect) laundry
B-mop kitchen/dining room

B-spot wash walls/baseboards
B-vacuum stairs and downstairs
B-mop downstairs

B-menu plan for next week & make grocery list

B-grocery shop
B-clean out fridge
B-clean out pantry

Sometimes I feel like I am becoming a little, dare I say, anal about this organizing. But I am not sure that is a bad thing!

**This was to be posted Saturday, January 12/08

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