Monday, January 7, 2008

Sleep and Daddy and Strollers, oh my!

Last week I blogged about some sleep issues we have been having with Ryan. Today, I want to update it a little. We have had 3 nights of not waking up or ending up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, 3 nights of 10-13 hours of sleep a night. It has been great! The downside, it seems like Ryan’s 2nd nap is no more. And it makes him very irritable and grumpy from late afternoon till after supper. His appetite has slowed a little in the last three days as well and he just picking at his lunch and supper, but eating a good breakfast and snacking throughout the rest of the day.

We’ve been enjoying having Daddy home, although I am not getting much done. I’ve been taking the opportunity to nap and we’ve been watching movies. Tomorrow we have a jam packed agenda with errands and appointments, and during Ryan’s usual nap time, so it could be an interesting day.

After mild weather late last week and over the weekend, it has cooled again. The long range forecast shows milder weather for next week but that could easily change. I usually don’t mind winter weather but I am getting to the point where most of my jackets do not do up over my belly and the colder weather tends to keep me inside for that reason.

For his birthday back in the summer, Ryan was given a wagon from my parents. The wagon came with 4 wheels and 4 ski’s. He loves his wagon and as long as it is just him and I, he will stay in it as long as I am pulling it. Mason does not like to stay in, so if I have both of them, Ryan will get out when Mason gets out. I was hoping this week to put the skis on the wagon and give it a try.

I’ve begun researching double strollers. When we had Ryan we bought an evenflo travel system. Of the systems we were actually able to see in person (very limited supply around these parts) I liked the evenflo best because of the handle and it was one of the lightest. The stroller seemed sturdy, easily maneuverable and collapsible. We have gotten much use from it. (Ryan is so little we still can use the infant car seat! Although I think those days are about to be behind us…)

I purchased a double umbrella at the baby consignment sale in the spring because I had just started babysitting and I wanted to use it with both Ryan and Mason. It is great for going for walks and to the park with both boys. And it folds down easily and I can put it in the trunk of my car even. But it is no good in most stores (too wide to get into stores or isles). I can go to Walmart with it though and as long as it is not crowded and there isn't a cart coming the other direction of some isles, we can go and pick up things. If people help me with the doors I can also get into my bank and the post office. (They have double doors at the bank and wide for wheel chair access at the post office.) It is ok to push but it can be difficult to steer, especially tight corners.

For a double stroller I am looking at the "tandem" stlye where they sit one in front of each other instead of side by side. I know each child is different but just in case the next one is little like Ryan I want to make sure I get one that accepts an infant car seat (which Ryan still technically fits into at only 21 pounds...). That is where it gets a little tricky because most I have seen take only the same brand car seat as the stroller and I don't want to have to invest in another infant seat. I have only seen one evenflo double stroller so far. Good to know one exists but reading up on it, the reviews are not so great. While we have had much luck with our stroller (only now 18 months later showing some wear- bowing out at the wheels) the mother of the little guy I babysit had the same stroller and she constantly had problems with wheels coming off. After the 3rd set of wheels from the company she just went out and bought a new jogger stroller with the all terrain wheels. Now to be fair she uses her stroller constantly as she doesn't drive.

Another thing I am looking for is that the stroller folds up and then the size and weight when it folds up. While I would use it for walks, I would also use it running errands around town, at the mall, at walmart, ect. So I am looking for something that would fit in my car. Ideally in my trunk, but even Ryan's single didn't do that so I would put Ryan in his seat behind the passenger side and put his stroller behind the driver side. Now with two car seats in the back I wouldn't be able to do that, but I could possibly put it in the front seat leaning against the seat. While a new car would be nice, I just don't think it will be feasable barring a moderate lottery win before baby #2 comes along. Perhaps when I go back to work, but I would like to stay home for about a year with baby #2.

So that brings me to the third thing on my shopping list for a double stroller. And that is price. I don’t necessarily want the cheapest stroller out there but I am not about to spend a small fortune on one. And if I can find one used and in good condition, even better! I welcome any advice on double strollers from those of you out there reading this!

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