Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Computer woes

You may have noticed that I have posted a bunch of blogs that I meant to have posted in the last week. The reason for this is that I was having computer issues. At first it was my virus and spy ware checkers that kept telling me they could not successfully update because of a corrupt file. So while this was going on I didn't want to go online and risk my computer which sometimes feels like another appendage. I tried a couple of things that didn't seem to help. Then I ran a disk cleanup and found a couple of corrupt files and had those repaired or deleted as the cleanup suggested. I thought I was back in action but it turns out that one of the deleted files in the disk cleanup stopped my resident shield from working. I tried a couple of different things to fix that but in the end I had to download the program again and install a repaired version of the resident shield. But things finally got up and running and now I have a weeks worth of blogs to post.

**HA! the jokes on me! I got my computer up and running again, got my blog written and ready to post but didn't get to post it yesterday.

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