Thursday, January 17, 2008

It all started with...

I was going to post these yesterday, under Wordless Wednesday. They are the newest (from last week's scan) pictures of baby boy #2. We have some from the first scan as well but they were on a film like sheet (more like negatives than actual pictures) like Ryan's scan and very hard to scan to the computer.

I like the first one and the last one the best. It is hard to tell but the tech swears that in the first one, baby is looking right out at us. And well that little hand in the last one is just too cute for words. We have one from Ryan where you can see he is sucking his thumb. I would post it, but like I said above, it was more like a negative than a picture and therefore super difficult to scan.

So, as I was saying, I was going to post this yesterday (when I was also catching up on the blogs that were missing from my computer woes) but Ryan was feeling a little under the weather and being a big ole suck. (I wouldn't even had gotten the updated blogs up except that they were already written and I just uploaded them during nap times) It all started yesterday morning just minutes after Brad left. Ryan was running around the kitchen with a clean, empty Tylenol syringe/plunger thingy in his mouth. Being the klutz he is, he fell and all of a sudden he was howling and had a mouthful of blood. I still don't know where exactly he cut his mouth. It took a while, and freaked out Mason a little, but I was able to calm Ryan, stop the bleeding and I gave him a dose of Tylenol for pain. He had his breakfast like usual (a bowl of cheerios and a yogurt) and after watching a little bit of "baboo" he went for his nap. Usually his morning nap is 1 1/2 to 2 hours but yesterday Ryan woke up screaming after just 45 minutes. From then on, he HAD to be in my arms.

And we couldn't be up walking around. It had to be snuggled in my arms/lap with his favorite blankie and his puppy dog. He wouldn't play with Mason, he wouldn't chase the cat, he wouldn't eat nor drink anything, wouldn't take his soother at times and he took short sporadic naps throughout the day. I tried all his favorite foods, I tried water, milk and juice, but after just one or two bites or sips the poor little thing would push it away and cry. Even snuggled in my lap, he whimpered most of the day.

I called Brad at work and put him on speakerphone. At first Ryan was very excited to hear Daddy, but when he realised Daddy wasn't actually at home he pushed the phone away and started crying again. Brad suggested crushing some ice and I remembered some pedialite freezies I had in the freezer neither worked on Ryan although Mason liked the crushed ice. And all I can say is Thank God for Family Channel, TreeHouse and Teletoon Retro (especially Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show and the Road Runner Show).

After Mason was picked up, I had to bundle us both up to go to Walmart to pick up some Motrin and Tylenol. He didn't want to to walk from the car to the store and he didn't want to ride in a cart so I just carried him through the store and back out. And we HAD to take his favorite blue blankie with us. Ryan cheered up slightly and wanted to play a little when Brad came home. He didn't eat anything at supper nor before bed. And he still wasn't drinking but he did have a couple of ice chips. We put him in his crib at his bedtime and he slept for maybe an hour before waking up screaming. Since his last dose of Tylenol had been at dinner time(right after returning from Walmart) I was able to give him a dose of Motrin and then I took him to bed with me. We let him sleep in our bed all night and he slept pretty well. I think we would have been up multiple times if not every hour if we had kept putting him back in his own crib.

Today he was a little better; he ate a little, he drank 3-4 glasses of apple juice and he played. He was still whiny but not as clingy. His morning nap was short but he had a nice long one in the afternoon. I decided that since he seemed in better spirits, and since there was still no fever, I would not expose either of us to the germs of the ER. We have a regularly scheduled appointment on Tuesday. If he gets worse before then, we will go to the ER. I think it was just because his poor little mouth was hurting from his fall. And there is that pesky eye tooth that keeps wanting to break through. Ryan has been asleep in his crib for about 2 hours now. Sleep well little man!

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