Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's a...

Today was the big 20 week ultrasound. It got pushed back from before Christmas so I am actually already just past 23 weeks. The official results be ready in about a week and I see my Dr again 2 weeks from today. I had heard that the U/S techs will not tell you the sex of the baby unless your doctor has made a note in your file. I didn’t know this before my last dr’s appointment so I was not expecting to get to find out today. But when Brad and Ryan were brought in to see the baby Brad asked the tech if we could see. She made sure we both wanted to know and then she moved the little wand around to get a good look. She didn’t tell us it was a boy she just kind of pointed out the two legs and then said, “and this is what you are looking to know”. I didn’t have the best vantage point from the bed, and Brad admits to not having a clue what he was looking at but that he thinks it was boy parts. I must admit, so do I. And we did mention to the tech about all the boys in Brad’s family and how we expected this one to be a boy and she didn’t correct us. So I guess another boy it is! I suppose I can always ask Dr. H at my next appointment.

Thirteen Reasons We’re Glad it’s Another Boy.
13. We already know how to handle a baby boy.
12. Ryan has a new friend to play rough with (when they are older).
11. I don’t have to worry about spending so much time dressing up a baby girl that Ryan never gets out of his pajamas again.
10. All those boy themed and blue blankets will get more use.
9. All those boys toys that both boys can share.
8. More Lego for Brad!
7. More cars for Brad!
6. The boys can share a room as long as we want them to.
5. Still no one in the house who will one day want to borrow my clothes, make-up or jewelry (or so we hope!)
4. All those cute clothes that Ryan finally outgrew but due to the large quantity of them, never wore out.
3. Ryan will finally get to be bigger than another boy, at least for a little while.
2. Despite having used both our favorite boy names on Ryan, thanks to Ryan we may have come up with a name for baby boy #2. It’s a new series of sounds Ryan has started making, but we are going to keep it to ourselves for a bit.
1. We’re just glad the baby seems happy and healthy as he kicked up a storm during the ultrasound.


Amanda said...

Woohoo! That is exciting. I was thinking it would be another boy. I think it is easier to have both kids the same gender for the same reasons of re-using clothes/blankets/toys instead of having to get new ones.

jilltan said...

Congrats!! I love having same sex sibling! And you check list is totally true -- Congrats again on a healthy baby boy!!