Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekly Menu Plan Feb 10-16

*If you are interested in more info on Menu Plan Monday, are looking for ideas or want to join us, head on over to I'm a Organizing Junkie .

Again my weekly menu went off as planned. Even with our Tuesday shopping trip being pushed late into the day, pancakes were a nice, light and quick dinner idea! As I blogged about in Last One in the Pool, Brad thought he might have to work late Thursday night this week and when planning my menu I forgot that it was the first Thursday of the month and therefore Babies First night for me. Babies First is the breastfeeding support group I am a part of. We meet once a month and talk about all sorts of things related to babies and pregnancy not just breastfeeding; this month for example was about labour. Next month I am giving the talk; I am going to talk about VBAC and avoiding a c-section even in a first pregnancy. Anyhow, the lemon-dill salmon has been pushed to this weeks menu.

Sunday- Leftover pizza or soup *Brad is quite sick and I have a touch of the sniffles as well.
Monday- Lemon-Dill Salmon with rice and veggies
Tuesday- Pasta with tomato sauce and garlic toast
Wednesday-Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs
Thursday-Valentine's Day-sundried tomato chicken, baby potatoes and veggies and chocolate covered strawberries
Friday- leftovers/ sandwhiches/ eat out
Saturday- Hamburgers and French Fries

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