Friday, February 8, 2008

Ryan's ever growing vocabulary

One of the girls at Brad's work remarked today "Oh, he's talking!" and at first I kind of looked at her like she was dumb or something because Ryan has been a chatterbox for sometime. But then it dawned on me, that it may seem that way to me because I spend pretty much all day every day with him. Upon further reflection, Ryan is not as "chatty" when we go to Brad's work either. So, the girl is forgiven. It was I who was dumb.

But that made me think about Ryan's ever growing vocabulary. His very first word at all was "Dada" (although I don't think he knew what it meant) at about 6 months. (Told you he was a chatterbox!) Now he says:
mama (although not as much),
ba-boo (his word for TV/cartoons),
pooh (for winnie the pooh, and he also uses it for mickey, tigger and piglet too although we are trying to teach him tigger and piglet and he has said them each a couple of times),
all done,
all gone,
no (although he prefers to just shake his head violently for no),
banan (for banana),
mum (when he wants food or likes his food...maybe he means mmmm or yum?),
shish (for fish).

He puts words together like mama car, I sit, I chair, dada all gone, ect. He also has a couple of things he says that we just have no idea, we haven't decoded yet. One is the name we are considering for baby boy #2. I think it is his word for up (or pick me up). That seems to be how he uses it. But we have started using it for the baby and we often ask him where "up" is or to hug "up". (Yes, we are still keeping the name to ourselves for now) Ryan likes to hug my belly, lift up my shirt, and sometimes he will playfully hit it as well. And just in the last couple of days he has been saying something that kind of sounds like pain or play but it isn't play. He says it when he wants something or doesn't want something you gave him. He was saying it tonight as he pushed his supper (usually a favorite- alphaghetti) away. But since he had fallen asleep in the car on the way back from bringing supper to Brad, I put him down (at 630 at night no less...yes I am going to pay for that I am sure!) and he is fast asleep. So maybe it is some sort of tired cue.

Ryan also signs. He signs "eat", "more" (which he uses as more, again and please), and "all done" which he also uses for all gone. He waves bye bye (to Brad and Mason the most) and he will blow kisses "night night" to me or Brad when he is going down for a nap or to sleep. (Although he doesn't have the "blowing" part down, but it is still really cute!) He understand a lot of what we say to him and listens well, especially if it is something he wants to do. I need to get some of this on video because it really is just so cute (even if I am a touch biased!).

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