Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

When I am teaching, Valentines Day is usually spent in Edmonton at teacher's convention (unless it falls on a Monday or Tuesday). Last year I made dinner (a rosemary and thyme chicken with roasted garlic baby potatoes and carrots and atossed salad with an olive garden like dressing) and dessert (chocolate covered strawberries) and grandma came to stay with Ryan so we could go see a movie (music and lyrics). This year, grandma is in Edmonton at work related meetings. Brad is sick (he was supposed to leave work this afternoon once everyone else arrived and go to emergency since his cough and chest congestion kept him up all night), my leg is still sore and Ryan is being a really grumpy bear.

I had planned a nice dinner (sundried tomato chicken, roasted baby potatoes and carrots and chocolate covered strawberries for desert) but I couldn't find nice fresh strawberries so I am making a chocolate cake instead. I don't know if I should even make the dinner, I don't know if Brad will feel up to eating it plus making dinner involves a lot of standing and even that hurts my leg. I did find some frozen strawberries though and am thinking of making strawberry smoothies to have with dinner.

Ryan picked out a little Winnie the Pooh valentine for Brad and a 3 pack of Lindor chocolate hearts. I got Brad a card and a new computer game (Half-life 2:Episode 1) which he will probably want to play this weekend while he is off. I have a little valentine card for Ryan as well and a book (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree). He loves Winnie the Pooh. Everytime he sees Winnie the Pooh (or piglet or tigger) he keeps saying "pooh, pooh" over and over and tries very hard to reach out and get it.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope yours is a good one!

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