Friday, February 29, 2008

Catching Up...

I decided to take a break from blogging while we were all recuperating and then catching up on the things we let slide while sick/injured.

Just to back track...Brad went to the ER on Valentines Day and was told he had a throat infection, ear infections and chest congestion. The doctor figured a couple of more days untreated and he would have had pneumonia. Even with the doctor prescribed drugs, drops, vaporizer and something for the congestion, it took Brad a long while to feel better. He still has a cough that sounds horrible and sometimes keeps us up at night. We spent his weekend off resting... a lot.

My leg finally bruised that weekend after the slip, slide, split and fall I took on the Tuesday of Valentines week. By the start of the next week it was a horrible rainbow of colors but I was getting around much easier. This week it is pretty much back to normal. Thankfully Ryan and I did not get what ever Brad had, although I think we both were feeling a little run down and had it not been for the long weekend of resting, one or both of us may have ended up sick as well.

Earlier this week I had my monthly prenatal appointment. I found out I failed my 1 hour glucose test so I went back and did the longer one yesterday. I was able to get my 32 week ultrasound booked for next Tuesday. We will see if the placenta has moved or if I have placenta previa. My prenatal appointments are now every two weeks and I suspect I will not find out my exact ultrasound results or my longer glucose test results until my next appointment.

I am currently working on a presentation that I am making to my local breastfeeding group about VBAC and C-sections. I am very excited about it. Our group is also gearing up for our bi-annual baby sale. It is a large consignment sale of baby, kid and maternity items. We are experiencing some growing pains with the previous success of the sale however, and are having to think outside the box a bit. Unfortunately for me, my scheduled repeat c-section is for the Friday of the sale. I am very sad just thinking about it.

Ryan has new words...most notably are "tiggy" (tigger from winnie the pooh), "pease" (please) and "I did it/I do it". He is also very helpful right now. If he understands what you are asking, he will usually do it. EG- put your empty tube in the garbage, get momma new diaper, put your dirty diaper in the bag, ect.

He is also sleeping in a big boy bed. We were trying to find solutions to his waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to come into our bed. He would easily settle and go back to sleep but if we tried to move him back to his crib he was soon up and in our crib again. One night I took him to the couch and slept with him there and was even able to sneak away from him and go back to my own bed. (Sleeping on a couch with a toddler while pregnant is not the nicest thing in the world!) Even though we were not sure he was ready for it, the next night I decided to try the single bed already set up in Ryan's room. (We got it when Brad's grandma moved out of her assisted living apartment and into the nursing home and since our other bedrooms have beds already we set this one up in Ryan's room even before this pregnancy as an option for a single over night guest since Ryan slept in with us until just after his first birthday.)

Anyhow, the next night, when Ryan woke up crying in his crib, I just took him to the bed and laid down with him there. If I can get him settled and asleep before I fall back asleep myself, I will put my body pillow along the edge where I would be and sneak back to my own bed and if not, well I sleep there with him. After a couple of days of this, Ryan decided that at night he didn't want to start in the crib at all and would just climb up on the bed. We've always put him in his crib awake so I didn't know how this would work, but if I cuddle with him and look at/read a couple of books with him, I can leave him awake in the bed with a low light on and he will go to sleep on his own. Sometimes he gets out of bed, but if the rest of the house is pretty quiet, he will go to sleep on his own. I stand outside his room with the door slightly ajar so I can see him and he can't see me and I tell him to go back to sleep or lie back down when I see him trying to get out of bed and he listens really well. Last night, he slept through the night from 9:30ish to 8ish this morning, all by himself, no wake ups, no crying, no momma in bed. We are so proud of him. I think I need to look for some cute sheets and stuff and maybe get him his own new pillow this weekend as a reward for being such a big boy now.

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