Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Sleep Sacks Give Away at Mommy Knows

I first heard about sleep sacs from the mom of the little boy I babysit. She told me how that is the only way she can get him to sleep and that he just kicks off the blankets...sounds so much like Ryan! She has her mother custom make them for her son because he is a bigger toddler and outgrew the sizes she could find around here (see: selection bites the dust).

While it is nice to be having another little boy in just a couple of months, a newborn sized sleep sac is something I am missing from my baby boy stash since I hadn't heard of them yet with Ryan. I told my mother (who is just itching to buy things for the new baby) and so far she hasn't bought one because she hasn't seen one she likes. And while I hate to take away a possible gift idea from her, I just can't pass up this contest! – a great online shop for babies and toddlers is hosting the Sleep Huggers Baby Sleeping Bag giveaway @ . Go on over and comment and be entered to win one of two Sleep Huggers Baby Sleep Sacs!

And while I would love to win this myself, I highly recommend this as well if you are pregnant or know someone who is, or anyone with a baby or a toddler! Especially those of us who live in those colder climates.

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MOMMY said...

We have always used the Halo Sleep Sacs-they came out when my oldest was born and we got one when she was about 2 months old. They are great!!!!!

I love the Halo because it comes in fleece, flannel, and a lightweight for warmer months.

C used one until she was almost 3! She was so funny when she woke up in the morning walking in it! LOL

Good luck with the contest!