Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekly Menu

Last week we were able to stick to our menu although we decided to not go out to eat Saturday night and ended up staying in and having a missmash of things. This week is 10% Tuesday at our grocery store (and as an added bonus they are also offering an additional 5% off for customer appreciation). I just CAN'T pass up that. That is 3x the GST (sales tax). So I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday, and am thankful Brad will be home tomorrow and we will take both boys to the grocery store. (My hope is to go earlier in the morning and then have lunch out with the boys before coming back home.) So here is this week's menu.

Sunday- Honey Garlic glazed Chicken with rice and brocoli (Honey Garlic Glaze from Shake and Bake)

Monday-Pasta with tomato sauce*

Tuesday- Pancakes with fresh fruit**

Wednesday-Chicken wings with raw veggie crudities

Thursday- Lemon Dill Salmon with rice and green/yellow beans

Friday- leftovers/sandwhiches/eat out


*I am not sure about Monday night's supper. Brad doesn't seem to like to have just tomato sauce much and I just can't stomach ground beef at the moment. But I have to go with what I have on hand since I haven't been grocery shopping yet.

**Tuesday is mardi gras and is also known as Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday.

Lemon Dill Salmon

Oilve Oil

Lemon Pepper


Fresh Dill

Salmon Steaks or Fillets

1. Make a lemon pepper dill paste by combining the lemon pepper, chopped fresh dill and olive oil in a small bowl. (Keep a few springs of the fresh dill for later.)

2. Coat the salmon steaks/fillets in the lemon pepper dill paste and put them on a pam sprayed, tin foil lined pan.

3. Cut the lemon into slices (thickness depends on how many slices you need). Place a slice or two on each steak/fillet and put a spring of the fresh dill on top. Take the end pieces of the lemon and squeeze the juice from the lemon over the steaks/fillets.

4. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until the paste looks crispy.

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