Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Steps

I named my blog "Little Steps in Motherhood" for a number of reasons. First off, I am a small person and for that reason, I take small steps even when I am trying not to. Secondly, I think motherhood is an adventure and being somewhat cautious, my adeventures in motherhood are sprinkled with caution as I take things one little thing at a time, or one step at a time if you will. And then of course, there are all those milestones you reach with your little ones, or the steps they take in their personal development and then later in life as they take steps towards independance.

Ryan- April 2007
Ryan was about 9 months old when he took his first steps. Later in that month, I began babysitting a little boy a couple of months older than Ryan. This older little boy was already walking and it made Ryan seem to want to walk more. Within the first week of babysitting, Ryan was barely crawling anymore, choosing to walk whenever he could. By 10 months Ryan was mostly walking. By 11 months, he was no longer crawling.

Adam turned 9 months in February. No steps. I know, you shouldn't compare your children. I'm not. Here we are about 10 1/2 months and I am very proud to announce that Adam took his first steps last night. I'm in no hurry for Adam to rush to full time walking. I am not terribly surprised that he didn't take his first steps as early as Ryan. First off, I think Ryan was VERY young when he took his first steps. Secondly, Adam is for one thing, much more mellow than Ryan. He also seems more cautious than Ryan. Ryan has always had this "no fear" sort of attitude. Adam is adventureous in his own right, but he seems a little more careful and deliberate. Since he is only just walking, he is only taking a maxium of three steps at a time on his own. (He's been cruising around furniture for a couple of weeks now.)

I am so happy for my littlest man that he has reached this milestone in his little life. I am sad as I realize he is quickly moving from the baby/infant stage and into toddler mode. He's almost a year old already. Even with the sleepless nights, and interrupted sleep nights, it seems like the time with my baby is flying by far too quickly. Soon he will be a rough and tumble bundle of energy like his older brother, constantly keeping me on my toes and on the go. I think I'll go now and cuddle with my littlest man, while I still can.

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