Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Kathryn

Today is Kathryn's 3rd birthday. Celebrate with her by sharing some of Auntie's favorite 3's about Kathryn.

3 Favorite things about Kathryn:
~she is a good big sister and a GREAT cousin.
~she is super smart and sweet.
~she is such a girlie girl.

3 Favorite memories of Kathryn:
~Wearing her on my back in the Ergo carrier while I pushed an asleep Ryan to the grocery store down the hill from the house in Seattle. We sang songs and she played with my hair.
~Watching the video of her reading "The Monster at the end of this Book".
~Reading princess stories to her before she fell asleep while they were here this summer.

3 favorite photos of Kathryn:

Hope you have a wonderful day Miss Kathryn! Big Kisses and Hugs from Auntie Bobbi, Uncle Brad, cousins Ryan and Adam.

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Amanda said...

Thank you, Aunt Bobbi. I got a birthday card and some stickers. I will open some presents later!