Thursday, September 11, 2008

Learning for Little Ones- Daily Routines

One of the blogs I regularily check has this wonderful Thursday installment called "Learning for Little Ones". Being both a teacher and now a mother, this just speaks to me on so many levels. This is my first time joining her "Learning for Little Ones", so please be gentle.

Children love routines. It helps children who have developmental difficulties, it helps children adjust to changes in their lives. When I taught kindergarten, routines were established early in the year and within a couple of weeks, the children knew them by heart and would call you on any changes that were made.

Ryan loves routine as well. When my parents came for Adam's birth, my mom brought a Leap Frog Toy with her that we gave to Ryan in August. It is called "My Day with Tad" and it is a little like a clock with removeable pieces that allow you to sort of plan your day and stick to a routine. At first we just allowed Ryan to play with it as a puzzle but now I am using it as a clock like device to show him what is next in our daily routine. In the morning I take all the pieces out and he put's Tad in the centre first. Then once we have breakfast, get ready for the day and play, he puts those peices in the morning slots. Then just before lunch I let him put lunchtime Tad in place. Then it is quiet time, play time and clean up in our afternoon routine. Then he puts in Dinner time Tad and after dinner we have ready for bed, story time and sleep time to add to our daily routine. He is starting to realize when it is time to do certain things and I find it helps keep him controlled because sometimes he knows/remembers what is coming next.

For more Learning for Little Ones or to join us, please visit BabyChaser @ Stay at Home Mommy.

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MOMMY said...

We used the same thing when the twins were younger. I just saw it in the closet and thought about pulling it out for our little man, thanks for reminding me. It sounds like it is working well for you.