Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Talk about Toys

Today is the first day of the 2008-2009 DISCOVERY TOYS fall season. Last Thursday while Ryan was napping, my new fall product kit arrived. It was so much fun to open it up with him when he woke up. Sure some of the toys are much more advanced than he is, but the toys that are age appropriate (or close to it) were very well recieved.

Jungle Tower, Twisty Bug, Choo Choo Chase, Hello! Hola! Learning Phone

Inside Out Puzzle- at home, Bright Builders, Progressive Puzzles, English/Spanish Bilingual songs cd, I'm Going Green cd, The Potty Train book, Flip Flop Faces

Puzzle Island book, Gearopolis, Sticker Art Delux, Jawbones Starter set (has three other add on sets available), Mosaic Mysteries, Stormy Seas

Ryan's favorites:
Gearopolis- even though it is for ages 5 and up, Daddy just had to play with it and now Ryan asks for it all the time (he calls it "keys").
Progressive Puzzles- Ryan can do the 4 piece puzzles all by himself, he can do the 6 piece puzzles alone half the time, and likes to do the 9 piece puzzles with our help.
Hello! Hola! Learning Phone- he loves the phones.
Busy Builders- although he can't alwasy get them to stick together, he knows they are blocks and he wants to build with them. He likes to dump them out and sort them and when putting them back he will count. He can count to 5 unassisted (maybe just by memories) and repeats up to 24.

When I joined DISCOVERY TOYS I was not looking for a home based business (not that I really do much about it in that regard, although maybe I should), but I was just looking for quality toys for Ryan. I knew of Discovery Toys from one of my times teaching Kindergarten so I looked them up on the web to see if they made baby toys as well. Some people find the toys pricey but I don't mind paying the price for toys that have a quality guarantee and that are not only fun but educational and help me by providing me ways and ideas on how to play, learn and teach my sons.

If you would like more information about DISCOVERY TOYS or their products and you live in the US, please use the consultant locator to find an Independent Educational Consultant near you. If you live in Canada and do not already have an Independant Educational Consultant, feel free to contact me.

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Richelle said...

Those look like fun toys! I like quality toys that are educational, too.