Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adventures in Pregnancy

About 3 weeks ago Brad and I were all ready to go and sign the consent forms for the planned c-section for this baby. Even though it wasn't necessarily the choice I wanted to make, we felt it would be beneficial since we would be able to plan for the help I would need following a c-section not to mention with anew baby and toddler. At my next appointment however (about 2 weeks ago), my doctor seemed to have decided not to push the c-section, even though he had said that we needed to decide and get things squared away by that appointment. I was alone at that appointment and took it as a sign that I shouldn't sign. When I told Brad, he even agreed that if the doctor wasn't going to continue to push it anymore, we were not going to suggest it.

Last week Brad made it to the appointment with me and even he was shocked at the apparent change in attitude towards a vbac for me that our doctor seemed to have. He didn't push for the c-section, he didn't mention signing the papers, and he mostly talked about my labour in terms that suggested he is willing to allow me a trial of labour for a vbac now. He did make me promise however, that I will come in at the earlierst signs of labour rather than trying to tough it out at home for as long as possible. I did promise I would. But since my water broke in his office with Ryan and I don't remember any contractions just constant backache with Ryan, I am a little worried about being in early labour and not knowing it. When I mentioned this he told me to come in if anything felt different and they would hook me up and monitor me. The worst that would happen he said, is that I would not in fact be in labour and I would be sent home. This comforted me a little.

Not that I feel like the baby is going to come anytime soon, but Brad finally convinced me to at least put my bag together and I've started it. I need to load some new music onto my mp3 player and find some batteries for it. I also want to get a book or two. And I need a couple of toiletries and then I should be done. I am hoping this baby will hang on at least until after the 26th. I just have so much to do and get done. And I know in terms of Brad's work schedule, this would work much better. I do worry a little about going late again and ending up having the c-section with no choice. But I try not to think about it. Once the 26th is over I am going to start trying all those old wives tales you hear about getting labour started.

I guess we will see what happens next. My next apointment is tomorrow morning. I see him each Thursday for the next 3 weeks.

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