Monday, August 20, 2007

Setting Up Shop

Last spring I joined Discovery Toys. Things started out a little rocky with my grand opening party not going over so well (note- don't hold a grand opening party on a long weekend!) but I did get two other party bookings and they were more successful. Then I went away on vacation and I've been slack in getting back in the saddle. It is easy to let other things come ahead of making the most with this type of business. However, I want to get back on track and have just signed on with my group manager to start a 6 week group and one on one training to help make this fall really work for me and my Discovery Toys Business.

The first thing she asked those of us participating to do is to figure out why we are with Discovery Toys. Next, to make a goal for the 6 weeks. Then make an action plan to achieve this goal. And finally share this goal and plan with a significant other who will be helping to make this possible. She also is looking for us to share this goal and plan with her so she can help motivate, inspire and coach us to success.

I thought a lot last night about why I am with Discovery Toys. In the beginning I was just looking for something to do to help make some extra money while I stay home. But in my little time with the company, I've come to really see the value in their toys and their slogan "Play with your children, it's the best investment you'll ever make." As a teacher and now a parent I wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy. I also appreciate the fact that Discovery Toys makes educational toys, games and books. So now, I think my why is a little different. I really want to share Discovery Toys with other people and not just by selling toys but by introducing the possibilities with Discovery Toys to others as well.

My goal in the 6 weeks, is to become a group manager by Oct. This type of a promotion actually means skipping a step in the rank ladder. I know it is a god thing to keep your goals realistic but I do think I can make this. I may have to adjust my goal, become a Sterling Consultant by the beginning of October and a Group Manager by the end but either way, I do want to reach Group Manager status this fall.

The hard part now is setting up a plan. I know I have some great tools available to me not only in this training/coaching that Jen has set up but also with all the new products about to be introduced in the Fall 2007 catalogue. I can't wait, new things are always so exciting to me. But in the meantime, there are some great products that are about to be discontinued to make room for the new products. They are still great products and I want to make sure people I know have the opportunity to purchase them before they are gone. A few of them I have already and are favorites of Ryan.

My plan includes working 30 minutes per day for 5 days a week and hopefully scheduling one to two parties a week for the next 6 weeks. During the 30 minutes a day for 5 days I plan on making calls, sending out emails, putting together and sending out catalogue party packs and doing other Discovery Toys training that is available to me. In order to reach my goal, I also need to share the Discovery Toys opportunity with 5 others in Canada. To make that happen, I am going to aim to share the Discovery Toys Business opportunity with 4 people a week. If I can get one of those 4 each week to sign up and join Discovery Toys with me, then I should be able to meet my goal of Group Manager.

While meeting this goal and making some extra money is a reward of it's own, I would like to shoot for making money to spend on a possible trip to the Eastern US just before Christmas to visit with some friends and catch the Clay Aiken Holiday Tour 07 (Christmas in the Heartland?).

Each week I will post an update about how things are going with my 6 week intensive coaching and how my goal is coming along. If you would like more information about Discovery Toys, check out .

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