Saturday, August 4, 2007

Boredom is the mother of invention

Ryan has taken to putting/dropping things into other things. We now have to keep our toilet lids down because a couple of toys (including a couple of electronic ones) have taken the plunge. I have to keep my garbage and recycling cans turned around with the opening facing the wall because a couple of toys have been trashed or recycled. The bath tub is often filled with toys. Although he does not sleep in his crib often (or at all really) I always find it filled with toys. My purse and the diaper bag have been known to have surprise items in them if I leave them with in Ryan's reach.

Ryan got into my pantry and found my bag of pop cans to be returned for refund. He took a couple of them out to play with. I think he likes the crinkly sound it makes when he drops it on the floor. So I took the tab off one and let him keep it out to play with. I figured there is no harm in that.

I put a small dish of goldfish on the floor for him to snack on, put him and his pop can in his room with all his toys and put the gate up across his bedroom door. I went and vacuumed the living room, dining room and kitchen. When I came back, my little creative guy had made his own magical musical instrument. (Never mind that he has many rattles already in his toy box in his room!)

IF boredom really is the mother of invention, Ryan and I should be up to something really creative today as Brad has abandoned us and gone to watch a football game in Edmonton with his boss. It is of course Aqua Daze here in Cold Lake, but the weather is overcast with showers and in the high teens. Not the beach weather of last weekend. Maybe Ryan and I will venture out tonight to the fireworks although, we were spoiled when we saw them in Seattle on Ryan's birthday.

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Amanda said...

This is so great! I think it will help us keep in touch, especially while we are in Kiev.