Monday, August 6, 2007

Little Model

~~~~August 2006~~~~

When Ryan was just 6 weeks old, the three of us went to Walmart to have our pictures taken at the portrait studio. They had a special where you could get oodles of pictures in a variety of sizes for $9.99 but it can only be of the first pose. That was all we really wanted anyway. Ryan was still very little and for the most part only onsies or sleepers really fit him, but I wanted him in a "big boy" outfit. I picked up this demin outfit at old navy when Ryan was just 3 weeks old and we took our first road trip into Edmonton. The blue puppy dog slippers were a baby shower gift and he wore them almost all the time for the first couple of months. Notice how Ryan looks so tiny compared to Brad's arm and especially his watch.

Unfortunately, our Walmart doesn't have any cute backgrounds for family pictures and so we got our pictures done with just the blue background. But we saw a couple of the cute baby backgrounds and we were hooked. We really liked this warf background. With my family being from Newfoundland, we thought this little fisherman set up was too cute for words.

We wanted more pictures, just with Ryan and the cute backgrounds. They took a lot of photos that day, especially of Ryan alone with the cute kiddie backgrounds but we
managed to cut it down to just 4 poses. What we anticipated as just a $9.99 deal turned into a $80 ordeal. *sigh*
But Ryan was a great little model and for a 6 week old, he handled the posing and picture taking like a trooper. We didn't get a real smile that day, but at least in the family picture he has hs mouth open and sort of looks happy. *g*

And yes, I did try to dress us all in a similar manner with demin bottoms, Ryan's brown plaid shirt and tan and yellow tees for Brad and I.

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