Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda!

It is about to be Amanda's birthday. Technically it is already her birthday where she lives now. Amanda is my husband's brother's wife. She is the sister I never had but always wanted. She is a great mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She inspires me to be a better me in all my various roles. I am grateful that she and Darryl found each other and now have such a beautiful family to share with us.My favorite memory of Amanda is of a thoughtful care package she sent before Ryan was born. And of a family photo album she made for us the Chrismtas before Ryan was born, when they came home to Canada for Christmas with Kathryn.

These are two photos of Amanda, from this summer. What I really like about these photos is how you can see Amanda as a mom interacting with her daughters (actually I think both pictures are mainly of Amanda and Amelia, but the point is still the same-great mom!)

Darryl's mom shared with me a neat trick that she uses to remember her sons' birthdays which ironically also apply to the son's wives. The day of the month of birth of her sons (and her daughter's in law) are only one day apart with the oldest being born on the first calendar day (12, 13, and 28, 29- BTW this is also how we fall according to age as well, with both men being older than not only their wife but their sister-in-law as well). Then all she has to do is remember the month. We are all born in different months, but Darryl, Amanda and I are born in subsequent months, leaving Brad born close to our months but not in a subsequent month. But Brad has a distinctive birthdate, so that might help her remember as well. Then again, what mom doesn't remember the birth of her children? I just think the math is cute, and that it is weird that Amanda and I also fall into the pattern.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Amanda! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Maybe someday we will be able to celebrate it and thanksgiving together with our families.

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