Monday, November 24, 2008

From the mouth of our toddler...

Here are just a couple of things (cute ones I think) that Ryan has said in the last little while.
~Mommy, look snowman on the car. (It was snowing, and somehow Ryan thinks all snow is snowman/men)
~(while riding in the car from Daddy's work to the mall) Coming up next, shopping!
~ Go in car, go shopping, buy more pretty lights. (just this morning)
~Ryan upset! (This comes out just before he stomps his feet and has one of his meltdowns)
~Ryan is awake! (our greeting almost every morning now)
~(when you ask Ryan what his brothers' name is he replies) Adam bra* (*brother)
~(when you ask him what his name is he replies) Ryan there
~ two candy please (when he gets in his car seat and waits to be buckled in he gets a treat)

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Amanda said...

Those are so cute, its good to write them down. Sounds like he is talking a lot and very well!