Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcoming 2009!

The last year I lived in Newfoundland, I remember my cousin Jim(my) babysitting his sister and I on New Years Eve. He invited some of his frends over and they brought and/or made all sorts of junk food. What a great spread! His sister and I got to stay up until midnight, join in on eating all the junk. Fast foreward almost 20 years and I am spending a similar NYE.

Brad and I are not big partiers, nor are we big drinkers (plus I am still nursing so no big plans to go on a bender to welcome in 2009). Our big plans for welcoming in the new year look like this:

Dinner: fun snack foods (wings, nachos, raw veggies with dip and the oreintal party pack from M and M Meats) with our favorite pop

Entertainment: a House marathon (borrowed DVDs from a co-worker) and two active little boys and maybe some dominoes or Bang! (although we may need to call on our favorite imaginary friends for that)

Dessert: assorted holiday baking and munchies (chips, bits and bites, chocolates) and more of our favorite pop

Besides, it beats facing the weather outside. It is snowy, cold and windy.

Welcome 2009! I hope it brings happiness and joy to all near and dear to us!

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