Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Angels

Images Studios (a local photo studio) does a special every year at Christmas that they call "Angels". The studio reduces their sitting fee and donates it to Santa's Anonymous. Ryan's first Christmas, I took him to have these pictures done and I surprised Brad with the photos for his office. Last year I didn't do them but I decided to do them again this year with both Ryan and Adam. Unfortunately Ryan was not cooperative and would not take a picture alone. The photographer did manage to snap a couple of great shots of my two boys together. As for Adam, he was his usual smiley, happy self and there were many photos to choose from.

Here are the photos I choose of Ryan two years ago:

And here are the photos of Adam and Ryan from this year:

I would just like to thank Images Studios for doing this and always capturing such amazing photos.


Amanda said...

That is such a great thing for a studio to do! I am impressed that they would do that, what a nice Christmas gesture. Great pictures, Adam is such a cutie.

MOMMY said...

Adorable pictures! I just love the one of the boys with their noses almost touching!