Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cold noses, warm hearts and rosy red cheeks

We are finlly begining to get some snow accumulation in our neck of the woods. Last night after dinner, we bundled everybody up and went out to shovel the driveway. Brad did buy a snowblower last winter but there wasn't quit enough to get it out. Ryan had fun with his little red shovel too and I wore Adam in the peapod wrap over my snowclothes, with him in his knit suit from Grandma.

While Brad shoveled, Ryan, Adam and I went for a walk down our road looking at Christmas decorations. Down towards the end of our street there is a house that has two light up reindeer and a sleigh. Ryan knows the word reindeer now and for the rest of the night and so far today, Ryan has been telling everybody that "reindeer live far away". Not because he knows they live at the North Pole with Santa and that is far away, but because the reindeer at the end of our street.

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