Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ryan at 30 months

Ryan a couple of days old

Ryan is 30 months old now. He seems so old. He can do so much and it seems like he learns something new everyday.

Ryan Christmas 06, about 6 months old

Ryan now speaks in small sentences; sometimes complete sentences, sometimes not.

Ryan, 1 year old

Ryan can do up and undo zippers except for the very bottom part. He loves to dress and unress himself to go out. He can almost get his coat on by himself, can put on his own hat (although often askew) and mittens. He can take off his boots.

Ryan, Christmas 07, about 1 1/2 years old

Ryan likes to sit in a big boy chair whenever possible.

Ryan, 2 years old

Ryan loves brushing his teeth everynight before bed.

Ryan, Christmas 08, almost 30 months old

Ryan loves to take pictures and likes to take my camera and try to take his own pictures.

Ryan "reading" parts 1&2

He needs his fresh cold water cup, soother (lo-lo), puppy dog and "mine" (blanket) to sleep.

Ryan "reading" parts 3&4

His favorite cartoon at the moment is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, although he still enjoys the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show and My friends Tigger and Pooh as well.

Ryan "reading" parts 5&6

Cute expressions from recently:

You can tell that Ryan wants something when you ask him if he wants it and he says "really?" in high pitched almost squeal.

"Ryan is busy"

"Gran gran is coming in couple days"

"Ryan is waking up"

"It's got to be somewhere" (refering to any object but usually his water cup or soother)

Over the holidays he quickly picked up many new words; Santa, angel, snowman, snow, snowflake, reindeer, presents, tree, "purple" lights, and candy cane.

Ryan likes to give kisses and hugs and has recently started "slurp"ing as well.

Ryan blowing a kiss to the camera

Ryan is not as jealous of Adam as he used to be and is very excited to have someone to play with. But sometimes he gets a little too exctied and too rough with his little brother. I think overall, Ryan will be a fabulous older brother.


MOMMY said...

I love his little voice! B sounds like him with the high pitched voice. B watched the videos with me and laughed-he wants McDonald's now! LOL

An Ordinary Mom said...

Fun pictures! They grow up so fast!