Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hallaulia! Or poor little boys.

One night does not a pattern make. And even if it is the start of something, maybe it is way too soon to talk about it and jinx it but I'm too sleep deprived to not share.

Ryan slept through the night!! In his own room!! Of course it was not in his bed but I'm not fighting that battle now. This is the first time I think since Adam was born or shortly after Adam was born anyway. It started last night at about 10:30. It was a little later than we like to put him to bed (usually about 9) but it was really warm and we had just finished putting the crib back in his room (it was downstairs in the spare room from when Darryl, Amanda and the girls were here). Ryan was completely enthralled with the crib and couldn't wait to get in it. So we put his pjs on him, put his favortie blanket and stuffed animals in with him. It lasted about 15 minutes before the water works began. I tried the big boy bed but he kept crying and saying "bedroom". So I put a blanket on the floor and his pillow and his stuffies. I put it near his new fish night light. Instead of closing his door like I usually do, I left it open and put a fan in front of his door to direct some cooler air into his room. And now it is 9:38 am and he is still there!

BUT it may also have to do with the fact that he is under the weather. It has been super warm here and my boys are sick. Yes both of them. Anyhow back to Ryan for a moment. I can tell he is under the weather because you can hear the stuffiness in his voice when he speaks and in his breathing as he sleeps. He is sleeping a little longer and is a little feverish. The last has been hard to tell since it is so warm you just wonder if his dampness is because of the weather but he seems to get more wet just resting or sleeping and we've been trying to keep our playing a little low key in this heat.

And Adam...poor little not quite 4 month old Adam. The past few days he hasn't been sleeping well at all. He has been nursing lots (ok so it's been hot, and that would help keep him cool and dehydrated) but he has also been spitting up lots which is very unusual for him. He has been generally pretty unhappy and chewing on his hands. I was thinking maybe it was the first signs of teething. Or an upset tummy since he seems a little gasier and unsettled than normal. But with this heat he has been running both hot and cold. So perhaps a little bit of a fever there. Despite the warm weather, Adam only sleeps well when bundled and warm. But that makes him damp and he will get cool and clamy from the fans/air conditioner upstairs.

Yesterday evening I was able to get him to take a nice long nap in the swing. I took him out of the swing at bed time and nursed him and got him ready for bed. He didn't immeiately go back to sleep and Brad and I layed in bed playing with him. He seemed a little stuffed up in his nose and when he was flat on his back for any amount of time he would start to cough like he couldn't breathe. At about 1am I was able to get him back to sleep but only by swaddling and rocking him and keeping him upright. When he woke up at 6 again to nurse he seemed worse. We aspirated his nose and lots of mucus came out. Poor little man! Then I changed his diaper and peed all over me and the bed. Which made us get out of bed at 6 this morning so we could wash the sheets. And is why I am feeling so sleep deprived (as I am sure Brad is as well at work).

I was able to get Adam back to sleep in the swing this morning but it is a fitful sleep as he wakes up coughing every once in a while and you can hear the congestion in his breathing. The weather has turned cooler today, so I think I will be dressing both in some warmer clothes. Ryan will get lots of fluids and hopefully a nice long nap. And if he wants to sleep on the floor, that is just fine with me.

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Amanda said...

I hope everyone is still sleeping well, and also feeling better!