Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I just thought I would share a little about our Father's Day celebrations. We didn't really do anything all that special. Brad had to work as he usually does on Sunday (one of the pains of retail) but it is a shorter day. We bbqed supper and invited his dad to join us. I prepared the veggies, made the salad and garlic bread but he did the bbqing (which should be no surprise to anyone who knows me and my fear of fire). The new bbq is still taking some getting used to, and the steaks were not quite done to everyone's liking. The veggies were a touch over seasoned. But all in the all the meal was quite excellent if I do say so myself. The pie was a nice ending and Brad picked a wonderful light, double churned and seeminly very creamy ice cream to go along with it. YUMMY!

I picked out a cute card for Brad from the boys that basically said if they could have one wish it would be for Daddy to win the lottery so no one in our family would have to work anymore. I thought it was a very fitting card. Not because we are lazy and don't want to work but because we really enjoy having Daddy at home. Our days are just not the same when he is at work.

I also called my parents. I sent off a parcel to them earlier in the week and I knew that it would not arrive in time for Father's Day but I did want to call and let them know to at least expect it this week sometime. I told my Dad (step-dad) that he would have to let us know what he likes best from his gift. I won't ruin the surprise by mentioning what we got him now but I think he will really enjoy it!

Later in the evening we tried to take a couple of photos of the 4 of us but it isn't all that easy.

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Darryl said...

Those pictures are great. We are all very excited to see you all soon!