Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!
How did you celebrate?Our day started out a little later than planned so we missed the parade. So we headed down to the beach to take in some festivities. It was quite a work out parking a couple of blocks away and then pulling Adam and Ryan in the wagon with the rest of our stuff and carrying Anthony in the Ergo. We spent most of out time playing at the park on the beach. These boys love play structures. They love to climb and slide and of course, run. They had some inflatable, bouncy toys set up on the beach for kids to line up at and take a turn.A couple of times I thought I had lost Adam, but he was just over at the inflatables, butting in line and taking turn after turn. Adam also found someone with a ferret on a leash and came over to tell me he had found a mouse! <- having never heard the word ferret before, Adam did not believe me that it wasn't a mouse.After having asnack on the beach, we packed up to come home for a nap. Before leaving the beach vendors though, we bought a big bag of kettle corn to take to the lake later that night.While the boys napped, I was busy making a dessert and loading the van up to go visit grandpa out at the lake where he was camping. The boys love playing in the dark sand out there (although it makes quite the mess!!) and this time they had a picnic blanket supper instead of eating at their little table and chairs we usually bring out for them but didn't bring this time.Thanks to Sandi's CSA garden, I made a strawberryand honeyberry crisp for dessert. For supper we had smokies, potatoe salad (again with some fresh ingredients from the CSAgarden) and chips with dip. After supper Brad helped his Dad launch his canoe out into the lake and grandpa took a little spin around and tested everything out.We had quite a nice campfire going but we were pretty full from dinner and barely touched the marshmellows or the popcorn. The campfire was not only how we cooked dinner, as it got later and later, it was a source of heat, light and entertainment.Brad used a plastic serving tray to fan the flames and make the fire "explode".Brad also used his dad's "fire poking stick" to stir up the embersand give us our own little fireworks show. Some of grandpa's camp neighbors had brought along their own fireworks and were just waiting for it to get dark before they set them off. Here Adam and Ryan sit on grandpa's knees waiting for the fireworks to start. We had great seats pretty close to the launch site.One of the last fireworks! I wanted to try to get pictures or even video but Adam was a little afraid of the fireworks once they started going off. They were his first fireworks show though. Ryan has seen fireworks though and so he enjoyed them again, but he did find them "very loud".
You may have noticed Ryan's new hair style. On Tuesday, Brad went to get his hair cut and he took Ryan along for some one on one time. We decided it was time to cut his hair a little shorter and lighter for summer. After their hair cuts the boys went to the marina and looked at the boats (and saw a fox hanging out on the rocks) and then shared an ice cream at Clarks.

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