Monday, January 4, 2010

Potty training update

A quick update on Ryan's potty training progress. Amanda sent me an e-book on potty training which I read last night. I put some new things into action today (like using underwear not pull ups) and Ryan spent most of the day dry. He did have two accidents, the first just after dinner and the second just before getting ready for bed. But then, once in his pyjamas (and a diaper) we caught him hiding to go poop. I managed to convince him to try pooping on the potty this one time (ok- I bribed him with the promise of a new toy when we go shopping tomorrow if he did actually poop in the potty). In the past he has kicked and screamed and cried every time we try to take him to poop on the potty when we catch him about to go hide to poop and he just holds it in until we give up and then he runs and hides and poops in his diaper or pull up or whatever he is wearing. Tonight however, he finally did it in the potty! Yay! I'll gladly buy him a little toy to celebrate this success. To me it was a big step forward on our journey. I'll spare you the pictures!

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Amanda said...

Good job! We started yesterday with Amelia! A rough start for her, but today she actually went partially on the potty. We'll see. As I remember from Kathryn the first few days are rough, then it gets to be more routine and pretty soon I was just reminding her (and taking her) to go potty every couple hours. Fingers crossed for both of us!