Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talk About Four Seasons in a Day

Yesterday was a wicked weather day here. When I first woke up it was sunny but chilly. I had high hopes the sun would warm things up and perhaps I would take the boys out to play at some point in the day. By lunch time it had clouded over, becoming very gloomy and somewhat blustery. I watched the wind whip the flag around on our neighbors house across the street. Then it started to rain. At first it was just kind of misty and spitting but then the rian drops got a little bigger. The rain changed to hail, first pin head sized but ending up about marble sized. Then finally that changed to snow. Big, white flakes that at first melted into the ground, but soon they stopped melting and everything was covered with a thin, wet, white veil. By dinner time, it had stopped snowing and the sun was back out. Before the sun had set for the day, all the snow was gone and if you hadn't looked outside all day, you never would have known.

Some pictures of the snow falling:

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