Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Which girl in the mirror am I? I feel like the girl on the right but I guess technically I am the girl on the left. At the moment, we are guessing I am about 7 weeks along and so it seems impossible for my little baby belly to be showing already, but I am feeling so much like the girl on the left. Granted, I have not lost all of my baby belly from Ryan but already clothes that fit my post Ryan body are not as comfortable.

Right now, we are waiting for my lab work and ultrasound in mid to late October to date the pregnancy for sure. But I think I am about 7 weeks along making me due the first week in May. This time is so different, I am exhausted again, but my stomach is so unsettled. I wouldn't call it morning sickness, but it is a definite lack of appetite and general dislike of food in general.

Well, I should go and clean my disaster of a house. I've been too lazy the past few days to do much of anything, so it has all piled up. Maybe now while Ryan is napping, I can get some order back to my kitchen and living room. And it will keep me from sleeping again. Plus it will keep me occupied while I wait for the phone call from my cousin. Her water broke this morning, so I am expecting news of her and her new baby sometime soon!


Amy said...

Just so you know I was obviously showing by 7 weeks with my second pregnancy-TWINS!!! I don't want to scare you but that is what happened to me. I can't wait until you have an u/s and find out how far along you are. I love hearing about everyone's pregnancies. I hope that you get more energy soon!!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!! This is so exciting! Another cousin for Kathryn and Amelia! Now we're extra looking forward to visiting next summer.