Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch up post

Ok, it's been a while, a long while actually. Here is what we've been up to (in no particular order).
Ryan is potty trained. And it happened before the baby came. Actually it happened pretty easy once Ryan got into it. I would say Ryan was trained by mid -February. I had been putting him in diapers at night and for naps. Most nap times he was waking up dry so I stopped using diapers at nap time. Then we told him were were going to try to go without diapers at night and he was very excited to keep his underwear on. And he didn't have a single night time accident. Still hasn't. He will even get up in the middle of the night to go potty if he has to. Amazing.
Adam is out of our bed and in the room with Ryan. The key was switching beds. We moved Ryan over to the toddler bed which he was happy about since it is Winnie the Pooh and put Adam in the big boy bed. Some nights we'll find Adam snuggled up to Ryan in the toddler bed. He was still waking up during the night but now he is getting closer to sleeping through...except for his bed wetting...which I'll get to.
In February during the Family Day Activities at the JJ Parr, I took Ryan and Adam to a wooden Thomas the Train exhibit. The boys were given a train set for Christmas (I think it was Ryan's but Adam loves trains as much and plays with it now as much as Ryan) and so I thought this would be a good thing to do. The exhibit is amazing and maybe next spring/summer we can take a trip to Big Sky with either my parents or maybe the Seattle Melanchuks. There is also a small air museum that I know the"older" boys would enjoy.
The final trimester of my pregnancy went quickly and without any problems. And before I knew it we were hitting spring like weather and my mom was set to arrive any day. As a typical spring here, the temps were like a yo-yo as it snowed and melted, snowed and melted; Mother Nature couldn't seem to make up her mind. Then we were off to the city to pick up my mom. The boys were very happy and excited to see her again. We moved Ryan to the back of the van and he really seems to like being there.
Then of course there was the birth of our final little man, Anthony. I'll dedicate a separate entry to the birth and recovery from c-section number three. My mom was here for the full 6 weeks of my recovery and that was awesome. We are so glad that she and Jim are posted back to Cold Lake this summer. So while she was here we started looking at possible houses for them. We are expecting them back the first week of July for a proper house hunting trip and then hopefully they will be moved back by early August.
One of the last things my mom was here for was Adam's 2nd birthday. We invited some of our friends and had a great little party. I had wanted to have it outside in the back yard but the two days before it rained pretty steady, cooled down and made everything wet. So we moved everything inside and it went pretty well. It is easy to forget that Adam is only 2. He is very independent, he speaks very well, he is very strong physically and able to do things physically and is almost as tall and weighs almost as much as Ryan. I'll share more about the party and 2 year old Adam in a later post. Adam's newest issue is bedwetting. We haven't been potty training (although he did go a couple of times while I was in the hospital having Anthony) he is just obsessed with playing with his diaper. He often manages to get it pulled off at least partially and then wets the bed. It is very frustrating. We've tried many different things and just when we think we've found a solution, he figures a way out and wets the bed again.

Since my mom has left, we've all been adjusting into our new life as a "party of five" (a shout out to a favorite show from days at the UofA). There have been renovations at two parks near our house which have been big hits the boys. There will be lots of new park pictures over the summer I am sure. We've also been spending some time at our friends CSA garden. While my mom was here for the first 6 weeks of Anthony's life, it is hard to believe he is already 3 months old!! Again, these are topics that I anticipate blogging about in the near future with more details.
Stay tuned folks!

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